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Wrapped up for winter with a terrible cold

Thanks to all of you who responded to my first blog at the end of November. Thought I would drop you all a line to let you know how things are going. Last week was terribly cold where I live and we had our first snowfall of the winter. As you will remember I suffer with cold uitcaria and so have been popping antihistamines like they are going out of fashion. I work in a school and even when leaving my office for the main school building I look like I am on an expedition to the North Pole - am not looking forward to the cold weather that all are forecasting in the next few weeks - I wish we could hibernate!

Have now come out with a cold and feel pretty lousy. My nose drips like a tap and is red and chapped (very attractive). Have managed to keep in work though, although nearly fell asleep when my class were doing a test at the end of last week!

Am also being troubled with really dry skin in my scalp and around my hair line - have booked to see Dr about this - so see what he recommends.

I hope that I can get through the week without needing to take time off work - it's always so hectic before christmas - I could do with the world stopping for a few hours so that I can catch up with myself.

What would people recommend with the cold - rest up or battle through?

Hope you are all starting to feel increasingly festive,

Best wishes

Nessa Lou

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This might help stop the world for a few minutes - and lift the spirit


Hi there. Remember me? I also have cold urticaria so I sympathise with you wholeheartedly. I am suffering in the same way. I gave up taking the anti-hisamine because it made me so sleepy. It only stopped the itching to some degree anyway.

Sorry about your cold, I've recently had one of those too! I would suggest you stay at home and get yourself well again. It would be better for you and for all the people you come into contact with.

I hope you soon feel better - and roll on summer! x


Hi ya

Fortunately, I am cold free and enjoying every minute of it! Hope you are feeling better now?

I have suffered in the past from a very dry and itchy scalp where it has driven me to distraction. It seems to come and go ..... The doctor recommended a betnovate scalp application (use very sparingly) which does bring relief and also Nizoral 2% shampoo on prescription. This works. I

I think you have some sort of psoriasis of the scalp. I find that too much heat on my scalp irritates me, so I wash my hair in warm water or even cold, wash it once a week, use Weleda baby calendula shampoo and body wash, plus the occasional conditioner. I don't use a hair dryer to dry my hair. I use Weleda baby shampoo because it has no sodium Laureth sulfate in it. Sodium Laureth sulfate is bad for your skin and is drying. the body shop also do a shampoo without it also. Sometimes, if I want to condition my hair I put on it olive oil and leave overnight and wash off in the morning. This also helps to soften my scalp. I sometimes find that hot central heating can be very drying.

I wonder what your doctor gave you? I have also suffered with an itchy scalp-line. The betnovate scalp application is the best. I think it contains steroids, so use sparingly. Your scalp will eventually settle down. Be patient.

all the best.



You were spot on - could have saved myself the trip! Have got some form of psoriasis - has also spread down to my eyebrows and have a couple of patches on my neck and chest - mm very attractive - have got same betnovate solution that you mention and also a hydrocortisone cream to use sparingly on my face.

Doctor was also concerned that I have lost quite a bit of weight (no sign of enlarged spleen though) so has ordered blood tests - not quite sure what he is looking for - I know with high wbc I will be called back as results will trigger alarms!

take care all


Glad I was spot on! Getting rid of it is tricky. Sometimes, I took antihistamine tablets which seemed to calm things down.

Yesterday, we had ice and ice everywhere. Despite the sun shining, the world looked white.

Went out on my bike yesterday and cycled 6 miles to do shopping for next door neighbour. Have a bit of a sniffly cold. Hoping my mother in law won't notice as we are taking her out for a meal and then afterwards to see Cleo Laine and her family and friends in her annual Christmas Concert at The Stables, Wavendon. Last year, we saw Johnny Dankworth too and he was remarkable playing the trumpet despite being in a wheelchair. sadly, he died shortly afterwards in the New Year.

To et rid of a cold, you must rest and rest ....... When I visit my nieces and nephews I am careful if they have a cold, as they usually do. Sometimes, they handle the food and then put it back on the serving plate! You h ave to watch them.

Hope all goes well with the blood tests .... At least you don't have an enlarged spleen. Keep us posted as to the outcome


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