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What support will my mum need when she has treatment

My mum was diagnosed will CLL over 7yrs ago and so far has not had to have treatment; her white cell count has steadily increased and her spleen is enlarged so her consultant appears to be brewing up for treatment. i know that everyone is different, but it would be helpful for to me to have an idea of what kind of pratical support she'll need and over what period of time. She lives on her own and is about an hour's drive from me.

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It depends on a number of factors, your Mums age, her overall health, other health problems she may have, here ability to care for herself and many unknown factors as well.

Also, the treatment she will have, effects everyone differently. Some people sail through with no problems others can have a tougher time.

I would suggest that, shopping etc. be done for her during the initial few treatment cycles, and someone should stay with her for round 1 and perhaps round 2, which tend to be more difficult. have to play it by ear...but she should have quick access to emergency services and clear instructions on what to do should she begin to feel unwell.



Thanks Chris, that's very helpful


Hi roo

Your mother’s treatment center should provide for her with information booklets, protocols and contact details. Below are a few useful information links that may be of help for her . I've picked out help with food and oral hygiene of particular interest in preparation for and during treatment..

Macmillan provides information sections providing tips to help with side effects of treatment.

Here’s a video to offering tips to help with oral health and relieving discomfort during treatment:

Here’s a link to the section on mouth care during chemo therapy:

Eating well

Eating well with CLL

This is the link to the self-help section on the CLLSA website:


that's great info, thanks


That's really helpful, thank you so much.


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