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The lowdown on Covid vaccine efficacy and blood cancer

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Around 152,000 people in the UK have died with Covid19 on their death certificate.

Around 230,000 people in the UK with blood cancer have been shielding during the pandemic, and there has been much discussion on this forum about how well the Covid vaccines work in CLL patients.

Blood Cancer UK has been monitoring international research into antibody responses and more recently also T cell responses to the vaccines in blood cancer patients. Their website features a comprehensive summary of the research findings, pretty much up to date

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Very handy link! All findings to date in one place with details understandable by the layperson. Thanks for posting xx

Thank you for posting a link to this research. I found it very helpful and reassuring as I am in remission and had been worried about the vaccine's effectiveness in my case. By the way, I have had both doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Thanks for this. Really valuable summary of current research.

Thanks for pulling this all together. Bottom line……no real definitive answers.

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bennevisplace in reply to kc1953

Everyone seems to want to know: what's my individual level of risk right now, and where's the magic bullet that will eliminate that risk. I suspect these are the wrong questions to ask.

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kc1953 in reply to bennevisplace

While I care about the risks to CLLers in general, I care about my personal risk more…so there’s that…

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