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It’s official Study shows T cells are activated against Covid after vaccination

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Just heard on the Irish Radio from Professor Luke O’Neill, a super immunologist in Trinity College Dublin, results of a study on Leukemia patients show T Cells show response to the vaccine. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the study he mentioned . Great news he thought.

It’s and Eureka Science. Can’t seem to post the link. Probably been done already, no matter, good news anyway.

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Thanks. I could not find the article you mentioned. But in the same vein (!) is a US study

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Pin57 in reply to bennevisplace

Bennevisplace - You seem to be very much in the know about the T-cells “anti-covid guard” potential and read your article (thanks for posting) and the others in this great post. Seems that T-cells could be our secret savior against covid? Good studies news for sure, we need good news!

Do you know if we can get tested for our T-cells and if so would testing results be useful info to know regarding our “anti-covid defense” knowledge?

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bennevisplace in reply to Pin57

Well thanks for your vote of confidence Pin57, but my knowledge is very basic and I haven't yet found time to read the paper published in Nature. We need someone better versed in immunology to weigh in here!

I did read something about a rapid test for Covid-specific T cells, which I'll try to locate.

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bennevisplace in reply to Pin57

The T cell assay I meant The test is still lab based but is simpler with half the turnaround time of existing test.

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Eagles1 in reply to Pin57

I read the LLS, as part of their on-going study, will be doing T-cell tests, however individual test results will not be made available to the participants.

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DanBro1 in reply to Eagles1

I donated a second round of blood to LLS at Labcorp yesterday (June 8, 2021). My first donation of blood came back "no detectable antibodies"...... I am very curious about T-cell response to the Moderna vaccine.

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Eagles1 in reply to DanBro1

I'm in the same situation with no detectable antibodies. My second test is Friday, however it's still not testing T cell response.

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Astro617 in reply to Eagles1

I think the email I got from the LLS said that after two tests with zero antibodies they would call you back for the T cell test. I can't wait till we can see results on that one!

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Eagles1 in reply to Astro617

They said they won’t be releasing the T cell results to individuals. It’s only for LLS research. Really sucks

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E-Lynn in reply to Astro617

I read the same thing in the detail on the LLS study .. IF you are negative for antibody response, THEN they will have you do a t-cell test.

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DancinGal in reply to DanBro1

In addition to the LLS study, I'm also part of a US NIH study that is measuring T-cell responses and spike protein antibodies. They also will not share individual responses, but agreed to notify participants if they didn't have measurable/positive responses. Better than nothing, I guess.

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Davidcara in reply to DancinGal

If you get your test through LabCorp, the results may be on the patient portal app, regardless of what the LLS study release.

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Davidcara in reply to Davidcara

Same thing with Quest Labs

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DancinGal in reply to Davidcara

Yes, I received my antibody results via that portal. Do you think they'll post the T-cell results there, too? My understanding was that they wouldn't.

Can you let me know the process for the US NIH study? Do you know if we can request to participate?

Here's the website with instructions for how to join the US NIH trial:

Best of luck!

Thank you for letting us know the good news. We need some.Ann

HB, could this be the article?

Interim results of the safety and immune-efficacy of 1 versus 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine BNT162b2 for cancer patients in the context of the UK vaccine priority guidelines" posted on medRXiv in March, 2021

"We report that the RNA-based SARS-CoV-2 BNT162b2 vaccine administered in cancer patients was well tolerated, and we provide first insights into both antibody and T cell responses to the vaccine in an immunocompromised patient population."

Maybe Professor O’Neill was reporting that the article has now been peer reviewed and accepted for publication?

I think this is something else, a second or third stage report from the SOAP study by King's College London and the Francis Crick Institute. Biggest problem was lack of data on fully vaccinated subjects.

The Penn Medicine study looks more conclusive though I haven't read it yet.

He mentioned Sorry if I gave the impression that it was his own study, Prof O’Neill is our expert on COVID, he seemed impressed !

I've read it now, first pass anyway. Worth a look.

The US study I cited was in cancer patients hospitalised with Covid in Pennsylvania. Vaccines did not figure in the study. Nevertheless it does provide new insights into how the different arms of the immune systems of cancer patients, blood cancer patients, and non-cancer patients behave in response to infection with the SARS-COV2 virus, with implications for vaccine response.

Any luck with finding the Trinity study? A big slice of the internet was down this morning.

Sorry, it wasn’t a Trinity study, I have caused some confusion! Prof O’Neill was just sharing! But, his business is immunology .

I read the T cell article that bennevisplace posted. Very interesting. The article uses the example of the yellow fever vaccine. That is a live vaccine. I wonder if they can make T-cell type vaccines without a live virus.

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