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How are Helper T-Cells Made? And Yes, It’s Important.

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A bit about those marvelous T helper cells.

The overall task of a T-cell is to respond to markers, called antigens, left behind by invaders, which stick to cells in our body. T-cells have a port, or receptor, that matches to an antigen. When that happens, the T-cell turns into either a chemical weapon or an alarm bell.

Much, much more here: advancingthescience.mayo.ed...


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Facinating article.

Thank you. Fascinating really isn’t it!

Peggy 😀

Exciting times jackie, thanks

UK Sparky

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Opening the bonnet, and seeing how the engine works!

Know stuff. It helps.



T Cells ummmm. I learn something all the time.

Thanks Jackie

Very clear and concise, "nice write".

Thanks Jackie,


Very informative. Thks

Hi Jackie, my CD4 to CD8 ratio is less than 1 and it is normally supposed to be greater than 1. So I have more CD8 T-cells suppressor (cytotoxic) cells around than CD4 T cell (helper) cells around .

Maybe this explains my cruddy skin problems with zoster, cellulitis, and vasculitis, reactions to bugs and drugs etc and other skin problems.

The article was talking about cytotoxic cells and helper cells.

Any science minded who can explain this and relationship with the skin.


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Jm954Administrator in reply to LovecuresCLL

I don't think we can speculate John but CD8 T suppressor cells generally dampen down the immune response. It would make more sense if the CD4 T cells were predominant.

All these things are so complex and interrelated.

I hope things are continuing to improve for you John


Thanks Jackie, great read ⭐️

Elkk au

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