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Something helps with bruising

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For those that have bruising there is a natural remedy that gets rid of them faster. ARNICA MONTANA. They are pellets in a tube. Doctors have patients take them before and after elective surgeries for bruising. I have taken them and they go away fast.

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That would be so great. I'll try it and keep you posted.

I have some Arnica tablets, might give them a try. Sporting a lovely collection of bruises down my right arm after tripping over the garden table leg .... gormless as usual!!!

Thank you for this information. I broke my left ankle last week and am in a cast. Bruising will be an issue I can already see my toes are bruised. I will give this a try.Ann

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mrsjsmith in reply to annmcgowan


I am sorry to hear that. I hope you make a speedy recovery.

I am also a great fan of Arnica. The pills work the fastest but they also do a cream for minor bruising.


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Ghounds in reply to annmcgowan

Get well soon Ann!

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annmcgowan in reply to Ghounds

Thank you.Ann

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Hazel33 in reply to annmcgowan

I broke my ankle a couple of years ago. Very painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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annmcgowan in reply to Hazel33

Thank you Hazel33.


Get well soon Ann.

Thank you Sushibruno.

Thank you Collette. It’s only 10 days since the accident, so a bit to go yet, but so far so good. Definitely give arnica a try.Ann

I use it all the time for surgery, healing etc. Some of my doctors give me samples to use . They are surprised when I say I have them! Arnica cream for bruises too!

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showdog in reply to GMa27

Good stuff


Please cite an example where a doctor(s) is recommending or prescribing arnica montana. In addition provide FDA observations and approval recommendations for this substance.

Thank You,


I guess I'd want to make sure that it was approved if someone was on treatment. My specialist has warned that because you don't always know what's in a supplement, that one must proceed with real caution.

The US Food and Drug Administration has classified Arnica montana as an unsafe herb because of its toxicity, per simple search of Wikipedia. What type of doctors are recommending this supplement, naturopaths?

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showdog in reply to lexie

Surgeons recommend it for patients to minimize bruising. I work in a supplement store and people bring their paper work in from the doctor recommending it. It is not toxic.

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to showdog

You wouldn't want to apply it to injured skin or take it internally because per WIkipedia, with my emphasis:

Arnica montana, also known as wolf's bane, leopard's bane, mountain tobacco and mountain arnica,[3] is a moderately toxic ethnobotanical European flowering plant in the sunflower family.


Arnica montana is used as an herbal medicine for analgesic and anti-inflammatory purposes, but there is insufficient high-quality clinical evidence for such effects, and it is toxic when taken internally or applied to injured skin.

Perhaps the amount of arnica in what your supplement store stocks isn't enough to be toxic.

With regard to it's effectiveness to reduce bruising and swelling, per the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Integrated Medicine Herbs and Botanicals database entry:

How It Works

There is some evidence that arnica is effective in healing bruises and osteoarthritis. It has not been studied for any anticancer effects.

Laboratory experiments on arnica have shown that it can kill bacteria and decrease inflammation. However, it is not clear if the herb has similar effects in humans. A few studies have shown that topical arnica applied to affected areas may reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and heal bruising. Arnica is often used in homeopathic formulas, in which extremely dilute solutions of botanicals and substances are taken by mouth. More research is needed to determine whether they are effective.

Purported Uses

To reduce bruising

Studies on whether arnica can speed healing of bruises are mixed.

To reduce swelling

There is some evidence that arnica reduces swelling. More studies are needed.

To treat sprains and muscle pain following exercise

Clinical trials do not support this use.

As a post-operative antibacterial agent

Arnica has antibacterial effects, but human data are lacking.

To reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis

Arnica was shown in a few studies to be effective against osteoarthritis.

Herb-Drug Interactions (noteworthy for CLL, particularly if on treatment)

Antiplatelet agents: Arnica inhibits platelet aggregation in vitro (12).

Warfarin or other anticoagulants: Arnica may potentiate their effects (19).

Clinical relevance of these interactions is not known.

The case reports confirm it can be toxic.


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showdog in reply to AussieNeil

I have heard of no toxic effects on people that buy it. I'm sure they regulate the dose. I never mentioned it being anticancer. I only said works well for bruising thought I was being helpful but it seems we don't want natural products mentioned.

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to showdog

As I said "Perhaps the amount of arnica in what your supplement store stocks isn't enough to be toxic." I only replied quoting those extracts from reputable sources, because there was a difference of opinion between you and lexie on toxicity. Unfortunately many people equate natural as being non-toxic, which we know isn't necessarily so. Further, given skin scrapes are likely to include bruising, I felt it was important to highlight that arnica cream shouldn't be applied to broken skin. I expect there's a warning to that effect on what your store sells, but we tend to overlook those warnings, or can't read them if they are in small print.

I've been well aware for decades that many people swear by the effectiveness of arnica cream for bruising and years ago, I was surprised to find that there wasn't much in the way of evidence.

The MSK Cancer Center information just happened to include the cancer reference, because it came from a cancer center.


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showdog in reply to AussieNeil

We never tell people it's for an open wound only bruiding

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