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Unexplained bruising?

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Hi! I was diagnosed with CLL 12 weeks ago after I'd asked for a blood test to see if there was a reason for my lack of energy. I am now on W and W and 6 monthly blood tests.

I have recently noticed little purple bruises appearing on the inside of my arms with no injury that could have caused them. Could these little bruises be a symptom of the CLL?

Thank you for this marvellous, informative forum it is a Godsend for newly diagnosed people like me.

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

Welcome... Saska

I take it is not where they did the blood draw? 💉

Yup very common in CLL, they come and go... some times larger sometimes just little pin prick bruises...

You need to watch them, if they become more frequent notify your hemetologist, he may wish to step up your surveillance to perhaps 4 months...


Thank you, Cllcanada for your reply, I really appreciate hearing from you. Yes they are tiny bruises like I've never seen before and I've not had any blood drawn recently. I will keep my eye on them. 👁

Chris. I'm in Toronto. Is there a division here?

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero in reply to annabelle63

Divison of what Annebelle? Sorry I don't understand your question.

Cll group meeting etc that has to do with Cll

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero in reply to annabelle63

Check with Lymphoma Canada or The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, they often have patient meetings in Toronto.

The CLLPAG has an international patient's conference every few years the next will be in the spring of 2018.

CLLPAG Website


There are lots of Canadian specific articles etc on my website as well... CLL CANADA


Hi, yes I get those little bruises sometimes. Welcome.

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Saska-Jul31 in reply to mgh348

Thank you 🌺

Me too


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Saska-Jul31 in reply to Peggy4

Thank you, so much to learn. I am so grateful for all of you on this forum.

hi Saska

I must have missed your previous posts, so a belated welcome from me.

I too am a sufferer of these little bruises and they can appear anywhere on the body. Just a slight knock or scratch and you've got one. You might not even notice or remember how it happened.

Best wishes.


Thank you

Lower platelets cause them in the main!

As was said above they come and go but should be mentioned as a symptom when you next see your doctor.

My platelets have always (and still are) low even after treatment so you need to keep an eye on them.

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Saska-Jul31 in reply to Cammie

Thanks, I am learning so much from all my new CLL friends.

I feel very grateful 🌺

in reply to Cammie

I get them a lot, and as you said, from just the tiniest of brushes against the furniture or barely touching the edge of a dresser, etc. and I get a bruise. My platelets are low and while hospitalized I had a platelet transfusion. I asked my dr. if he would give me another one since my platelets are low and he said no, the new platelets only last for a few days! They did it in the hospital because I had fluid around my lungs and a dr. drained it. All cancerous. But anyway, I guess there isn't much to do about low platelets.

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to

The half life (time until half the transfused platelets are gone) is about 4 days. Normal level is above 150, treatment is generally initiated when they

drop permanently below 100, giving leeway for the likely impact of the treatment drugs. (There's little to no risk of bleeding with counts between 100 and 150). Transfusions aren't given until the platelet count drops below 25 and usually into the teens, according to my notes. You are getting into dangerous territory when your count is under 10, with spontaneous bleeding likely.

Thank you. I have a dog too, a Golden Retriever. 🐕

So do I she is 6 months old and we call her Charlie. 🐕

Our girl is 6 years old today and is called Saska!

Goldies are a beautiful, sweet natured breed, lovely with the grandchildren 😀

They sure are!

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bkoffmanCLL CURE Hero

Be sure to have your platelet count checked.

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Saska-Jul31 in reply to bkoffman

Thanks for your advice.

I have no bruising on upper body but my legs are covered with bruises,next 6 month check up in two weeks

Good luck for your check up

Absolutely. I get those all the time. Here, there and everywhere, they come and go.

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Saska-Jul31 in reply to emmiekay

Thank you for your reassurance.

me too. I wondered about them, but you know how fed up you get asking the doctor about every little dot and bump. Glad you mentioned it.

Hope you feel well, welcome to the most marvelous community!

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Saska-Jul31 in reply to Safta

Thank you for your reply, Safta.

It's so good to be able to all support each other on this forum. 🌺

you may wish to have your platelet count checked by your GP just to be sure they aren't falling too low before seeing your consultant in 6 months. Also, make sure you are eating a very healthy diet as there are foods that can help increase platelet production - check on line and follow any guidelines that meet within your dietary restrictions or preferences.

sandy beaches

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Saska i was diagnosed with CLL in august 2015.

I frequently get the same pink patches on my arms and on my stomach.

I mentioned these to my haematologist,and apparently they are a common symptom of CLL.

They usually go away in about 7-10 days in my particular case.

If they get bigger or more frequent,you need to mention it to your haematologist.

You don't necessarily need to bump into anything to get these bruises,they just appear.

Hope this helps,and greetings from Yorkshire,England!

Great. Thank you, your answer is very helpful. I too live in the UK, in Bedfordshire but brought up in Sheffield. Our favourite UK holidays are in Yorkshire, near Whitby ( 3 weeks ago ) or the beautiful Dales, Swaledale etc.

Say " Hullo" to God's own county for me!

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Hi Saska,

Welcome to the site. I’m glad you found us. The people here have been an amazing blessing to me, and I'm sure you'll find the same.

I see that you are newly diagnosed, and already have loads of new information to absorb. However, last year I wrote three posts especially for newly diagnosed people, that you might find helpful. They are collections of points that I’ve picked up from other people here, and from my own experiences.

I was prompted to write them, because I noticed when people are first diagnosed, they are often not told about simple practical things that can do, to improve their prospects on the CLL journey. Yet there are MANY things we can do, that help ease our CLL experience both medically, socially and emotionally. I’m not talking about the complex medical stuff, just simple, do-able stuff.

After I wrote the first post, many people mentioned points of their own, which I added to my lists. So, the lists became quite long.. But I hope you'll find something there that's relevant to your situation. :-)




I see you live in Bedfordshire, but were brought up in Sheffield. You must miss this lovely city. I was brought up in the south of England, but came to Sheffield to do nursing training. I did a lot of travelling after that, but it was Sheffield I've come back to. I find it so therapeutic to get out walking on the Derbyshire moors these summer evenings… But I’d better not say too much about that, or you’ll feel homesick…

Do let us know how you get on, as you continue on your CLL journey. You know you can ask any questions here, or just share your ups and downs with others who understand…

Best wishes,


I was diagnosed three years ago and have not had to have treatment. But I do get these weird bruises, usually on the inner side of my arm or biceps. They are usuallly dark in color and look like botched tattoos.

I have a question for ur question how did u becomes diagnosed?

Hi,, I just started getting the little bruising spots, now I barely scratch my arm and receive long claw marks from it. Welcome.

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