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Solutions to help leases/eliminate bruising

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Hi.. wondering if anyone who has experienced frequent/ higher than normal skin bruising as a side effect of Imbruitinib? If so what solutions have you found to lessen or eliminate that situation? Thanks in advance for sharing

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Talk to your treating doctor. Bruising occurs as does petechia, but it must be assessed. It is usually transient, and may diminish, but as in my case it can get worse.

Ibrutinib can effect platelet function, so this needs to be looked at.

Unless prescribed by a cardiologist, reduce all fish or flax oils, and avoid ASA and NSAIDs.

~chris 🇨🇦

Thanks..have you ever tried ZAX'S Bruise Cream?? When I was on a major blood thinner after having a stent put in my descending coronary artery, I bruised very easily. Many times with no trauma at all. I found this product to be very effective in diminishing/clearing up my busing in three to four days.

Really appreciate you responding to my question.

Hi Chris ,have you ever taken an antibiotic for sinusitis when on Ibrutinib? If yes what kind? My oncologis just went away yesterday for 10 days, and my FP md doesn’t know much about Ibrutinib.Maybe I can suggest something to her from the experience of other patients like your self. Thanks

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There is nobody else in your clinic you can get answers from?

No, I don't use antibiotics for my sinuses, in my case it would be useless, my issue in a mushroom farm in my high sinus passages...


Your sinusitis might also be due to low mucosal IgA as well, best to see a specialist ENT.

Ibrutinib is outside most GPs knowledge base... even an ENT would need guidance from a your hemaetologist, I would imagine.

Need to be cautious, some antibiotics can be very interactive with Imbruvica (ibrutinib).

~chris 🇨🇦

Chris . I just seen one on Wednesday, he scoped my nose and said everything is good. That evening my husband came up with something , and 2 day later I am sick like a doggie. Chocking on green mucous. Very frequently viral infection goes into bacterial with me. I guess there is somebody on call at the hospital, but they will want me to go to emergency. I will stick to my FP since we communicate via email . Will see her on Monday

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Well your FP will need to read the ibrutinib drug label at the very least...

Here is the link...

Thanks Chris , I might call my pharmacy before going on Monday.

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The ibrutinib supply specialty pharmacy might know about interactions, perhaps your family pharmacy would know, but I have tried at Shoppers, London Drugs, , Rexall, Walmart and Guardian.. and get blank stares... one said 'that's chemo...' which it isn't... 🥴

Its a very select few that deal with it...

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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to Doremefasol

Have you had your IgG level tested? If it is very low, and you are getting multiple infections, it could be that IVIG infusions would help. They have been a Godsend for me.

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vog292 in reply to Cllcanada

You are right on flax!

I have been on the med for 12 months. The bruising has been bad but for the last 4 months has lessened.

I am extremely clumsy so bang elbows etc frequently. I was not aware you could do anything about them - just kept an eye on how far they spread to indicate bleeding. I have however always got lots of petechia. The are worse if I scratch (my skin has been very dry). I find that keeping my body well moisturised helps avoid them and when they do, I put extra cream on them and they are usually gone in 24 hours.

They also seem to appear if I wear clothing that is a little tight or new when maybe the seams are a bit rough. I keep moisturiser in the lounge, the bathroom and the bedroom and use it immediately my skin itches. I also keep a small tube in my handbag for when I am out of the house.


To help prevent bruising of arms and hands (except fingers) - via Amazon and others once can purchase "arm protectors" - which are similar to compression stockings but without compression. But I myself now wear "obstetric gloves" as worn by doctors: They cover hands and arms up to the armpits. They are disposable made out of poly and come in boxes of 100 for about $ 18 via Amazon and others. For dexterity I cut off the finger portion: Thus the whole arm, the wrist and the hand are covered. But the fingers are not covered. I also make small cuts along length of the gloves for ventilation. But you should first try the "arm protectors" available made for the purpose of protecting arms from bruises. They can be washed and used again forever. A pair costs about $ 15.

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