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Venetoclax and covid jab

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I have been on Venetoclax for 16mths now. All going great. I see my haemotologist to morrow and will be asking about Covid vaccine. The last time I saw him he didn"t think I could have the vaccine. Has anyone else on Venetoclax had the vaccine? Has there been any side effects? NZ is using Pfizer vaccine. Appreciate any suggestions.

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I have been on Venetoclax since early 2016 and had Pfizer vaccinations in February and March. Was tested for spike antibodies after 3 weeks and got a 101 result.


The CLL expert doctors suggest that the CD-20 monoclonals like Rituxan and Obinutuzumab/Gazyva seem to interfere with good vaccinations. There is some concern that Ibrutinib may also mute the vaccine, but no one has ever suggested that Venetoclax is a problem with any of the vaccines, especially Pfizer and Moderna.


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I have been on Venetoclax for a few years now and I’ve had both of my vaccination I had the Pfizer one and I have been fine I haven’t had the antibody test but I’m going ask about it when I go for my immune booster Flibogama in a few weeks,

I started Venclexta in January, and had my vaccines Mar 18 & Apr 8(Pfizer). I didn't do any antibody tests, and likely won't. Since Venclexta depletes B cells, it's probable that there won't be a lot of antibodies formed. I am betting more on my T-cells. Since my yearly infections and herpes breakouts seem to have stopped/decreased, I think my overall immune system has gotten a tiny bit healthier.

Hi, I’m seeing my CLL Specialist in Wellington on 3 June and will be asking the same question. I’ve been taking Venetoclax for 3 years. I’ll be interested in what you’re told tomorrow but the general advice is to have whatever vaccine we can get. And Pfizer seems to be one of the best.

I have been told I can have the vaccine. So pleased about that. My results are all good. Am wondering if you had to pay for Venetoclax for awhile. I have been told it is only funded for 2 years, so funding stops next Feb. Then we review our options, which isn't great. Am hoping Ibutrinib will be funded really soon. Another good option. You keep well. Would be good to keep in touch. Take care👍👍👍

Thanks. I’m on a clinical trial which was 2 years of taking Venetoclax and then 2 years follow up. It’s morphed into taking Venetoclax for 4 years — so I have a year to go. It’s mostly gone very well so far.

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Are you taking it for MDS?

Have you been taking Venetoclax for MDS by itself? My dad has MDS but it was just approved for only Leukemia. I am hoping a doctor will prescribe off label.

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