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ibrutinib and rising Blood Pressure

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Hi, I'm new here

I started to use ibrutinib in June 2020 which has now controlled my CLL but the problem I have is my Blood Pressure has slowly increased to a concerning level. I know that this can be one of the side effects of this medication, so I am asking if anyone has or had the same problem. I already take medication for a previous Heart Attack which up to the start of ibrutinib medicating was controlling my Blood pressure well. If anyone has or had the same problem please let me know and what course of action have you taken.


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Hi street675,-

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Thanks Len, will do

Yes. I’m now taking 25 mg of Metoprolol each day and it brings my pressure back to its normal level.

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street675 in reply to hhk50

Thanks hhk50

Morning,I have been on Ibrutinib for 3 years and BP has been creeping until it go to a dangerous level. I was trying not to take yet another pill but I have been on 10mg of Amlodipine for the last month. BP normal now.


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street675 in reply to mrsjsmith

Thanks Collete

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Hi street, the cardio-toxicity issues associated with Ibrutinib are now well known. You really need to be addressing this as a matter of urgency with your Consultant given your cardiac history of MI.

I’m now on beta-blockers in addition to other b/p the result of 15 months on Ibrutinib.



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street675 in reply to Newdawn

Thanks Newdawn, will be seeing doctor Monday

I agree with Newman’s recommendation to talk to your consultant urgently because of your cardiac history.

For the cardio toxicity of Ibrutinib I was put on Acalabrutinib as I also had a MI before.

Acalabrutinib has less cardio toxicity, but in my case it gave me Atrial Fibrillation and stiffness of my heart muscle, which makes my heart very irregular and my diastolic blood pressure difficult to control.

Yet, they are both excellent drugs with controlling CLL/SLL and some people have no problems. Unfortunately, I was not one of them.

Now, I am on Venetoclax ramp up to 100 mg this week and so far so good.

Please, be careful and discuss your concerns with your doctor.


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bayside64 in reply to studebaker

Does Venetoclax also raise blood pressure?

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street675 in reply to studebaker

Thanks Dana, will be seeking my doctor Monday

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street675 in reply to studebaker

Thanks Dana

No it doesn’t

I am 86 since two years on Imbruvica for CLL, now almost normal CBC and normal CMP. My BP had been in the slight elevated range systolic around 130+ . A month ago I started on CoQ10 and also "organic unfiltered unhomogenized apple cider vinegar" with the approval of my hematologist, but only for general health and not because of BP. Now suddenly my BP systolic remains below 120. Both the vinegar and the CoQ10 are known to lower BP. Mayo Clinic had suggested the CoQ10 for BP and cardio issues.

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