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Ibrutinib and blood pressure

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I've been on a low dose of Ibrutinib for about 1.5 years with positive, improving blood readings. Within the last few months I've been experiencing elevated blood pressure readings in area of 135-150/85-90 with blood pressure meds as prescribed by cardiologist. It was even higher prior to cardiologist intervention. Admittedly, I am a year and a half older (88)but my readings formerly were in117/75 region. Is there any correlation with Ibrutinib use and elevated blood pressure? Input is much appreciated.

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imbruvica can cause hypertension. i was always normal until i started taking it. i am now on ateneolol 25mg daily

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desti in reply to Smith123456

Thanks for your response

Desti, it is well established in the literature that ibrutinib has possible cardiotoxic side effects, including high blood pressure and increased risk of afib. High blood pressure with ibrutinib is actually a more common side effect.

Our options with blood pressure are to stay the course and control it with bp meds, try a lower dose of ibrutinib, switch to another btk inhibitor like acalabrutinib which might have less cardiotoxic effects or switch to an entirely different drug like venetoclax.

I am in the process of switching from ibrutinib to acalabrutinib, my doctor has reached the conclusion acalabrutinib is a safer drug all the way around with the same efficacy as ibrutinib.

My bp increased with ibrutinib and I am on two bp meds to control it. All of our meds come at a price. Ibrutinib has been a miracle drug for me. I am not expecting switching to acalabrutinib will change my bp back to where it was, but we will see.

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desti in reply to cajunjeff

Thanks for your response. I am seeing my oncologist shortly and will discuss sitation


I have been on Ibrutinib for about two years and recently my BP shot to the dangerous call 111 level. I am also on meds. I am sure the stress of being in lockdown for such a long time is not helping.


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desti in reply to mrsjsmith

Thanks for your response. We'll see what the oncologist has to say.

I’m a year and a half on ibrutinib. I am mrd- in blood and feeling great but am keeping an eye on my BP. The low number or diastolic is in the high eighties and is normally in the seventies. Jeff

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desti in reply to Justasheet1

Will check with my docs next. Thanks for your response

I am on low dose imbruvica and it still cause my blood pressure to worsen. I am now taking four medications to control my blood pressure. I am not complaining because the imbruvica is working for me with minimal other side effects and I had hypertension prior to taking imbruvica.

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desti in reply to WinJ3

Thanks for your input. checking with the docs next week

Yes. I take 25 mg of Metoprolol every morning to lower my BP back into its normal range. It elevated to 145/80 as a result of the Ibrutinib and now it's back to its normal 120/70

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desti in reply to hhk50

Glad you're good...hope to mimic your response.

Sorry to hear about your B/P situation. I had the same problem with blood pressure while on Ibrutinib and switched to acalabrutinib and my B/P went back down to what had been earlier. You might talk to your hematologist about making a switch.

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desti in reply to Mogal

Definitely going to speak to docs. Thanks for response.

I too have experienced elevated BP since going on Ibrutinib. It climbed to 155/88 and that was pretty much where it stayed. I just started on BP meds two weeks ago so I’m anxious to see how well it works.

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desti in reply to 210savannah

Good luck. I hope it works for you!

I think it depends to some extent on individual differences. From my research, interaction between Ibrutinib and certain heart meds can cause arrhythmia which can affect blood pressure. But mostly I find it is stress and being ill is stressful. I am glad to have BP in the 130's for top number; am 76 and believe that is not a bad bp for my age. People are different. My cholesterol for example is literally off the charts, as was my mom's, but an angiogram shows that my arteries are not clogged in any way that should cause concern. So although prescribed statins, since 30 years ago, I have not taken any. My angiogram was recent. So I think each person needs to consider their personal situation. (I still work part time doing work that requires considerable mental focus.) Your BP sounds great to me, although it is natural and prudent to wonder why it has gone up.

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desti in reply to onu1tadi2

Thanks for response. perhaps I'm overly concerned. Will discuss with docs shortly.

When I started ibrutinib 6 years ago at age 74 my BP went up. Added to my usual "white coat" increase I was getting 175 at the doctor's. At that time there were no other approved drugs. I went on carvedilol and the BP is now fine. I get 115/75 at home and they get maybe 135/75. I also got afib. For that I decided on an increase in carvedilol and an ablation. No afib now for over 2 months. But you have other choices, as other posts have said. So do I. We were going to try a year of Venetoclax with 6 months of obinituzimab when covid hit. We decided to stay with ibrutinib because of the risk of side effects or infections with the switch that might need hospital. Like everything it is a question of balancing risk and benefit. Good luck.


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desti in reply to DelrayDave

Thanks for your input. I checked with my MD and he modified my meds . To be continued.

I would recommend MAYO CLINIC "5 Steps to controlling HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE" 250 pages. It provides a full range of information and guidance. This avoids guessing or random information .- I am 86, CLL well controlled with IMBRUVICA since two years. Right now my BB average is in the "elevated" 120-130, diastolic usually mid-70. I notice that emotional upset or anxiety immediately add ten points to BB for half a day. I avoid salt: There canned beans and canned salmon without any salt available on Amazon and others. I walk an hour daily on my indoor-treadmill, and I climb to the 15th floor one a day.

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desti in reply to janvog

Thanks for your response. I admire your discipline and find it inspirational. Thank you.

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