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CLL, Ibrutinib side effects clarified, antibiotic side effects


Levofloxacin, old age, etc. most likely contributed to the development of an aorta aneurysm, not Ibrutinib.

Also, extreme watery eyes now responding to Levofloxacin eye drops likely caused by a bacteria, again not Ibrutinib.

Hope these comments are useful.

Beware of the scary side effects in the family of antibiotics to which Levofloxacin belongs — Fluoroquinolones.

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fluoroquinolones make my wifes limbs twist in some areas while on them. Cipro is the first choice for diverticulitis

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My gastro, who is fantastic, put me on doxycycline for diverticulitis. Had he recommended Cipro I would have challenged his advice. I have only taken it once in the last @10 years when my options, based on a culture, were Cipro or 7 days in the hospital getting IV antibiotics. I know too many people who have had ruptured / torn tendons because of it.

I did not know that. It seems in recent years, more negative effects of fluoroquinolones are coming to light. Levofloxacin saves lives, so it is a guess about risk and benefit when someone is extremely ill. Those I know who

have CLL are usually prescribed a “Z” pack for infections that can lead to pneumonia.

I always say no to cipro and any fluoroquinolones. So far, other antibiotics without these problems have gotten the job done.

Fluoroquinolones are definitely Cyp3A4 inhibitors but levofloxacin has less involvement in that clearance route therefore some oncologist / cll specialist do allow for upto five days in certain infections otherwise these have same side affects like it's family n it will no more be available from the startof the US..but fluoroquilones are very dangerous antibiotics?

I was given Fluoroquinolones for a urinary tract infection many years ago and ruptured my achilles tendon a few months later while dancing. It required surgery and physical therapy.

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Wow! So sorry to read that. It also can hurt the aorta, and that is very important to understand as age, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are also risk factors for aorta aneurysms.

Glad to know your experience was many years ago and you won’t allow that mistake again.

Best to you!

Yes, tendon rupture, cardiac problem, and hearing lost (ototoxicity) are 3 big problems associated with cipro and other fluoroquinolones. I believe the reason that doctors often go to them first is because they can work on some resistant strains that older antibiotics might not be effective on. But I would rather start with the older and safer... which so far have always worked for me. Cefalexin/Keflex, Amoxicillin, etc.

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One reason to insist on a culture, especially for a UTI. Too many doctors hand out Cipro like candy for UTIs!

Had my experience with this medication, ended up at Mayo.

This meds is on red list in Germany.

All the Best for the Holidays ......

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Thank you for sharing! It is very helpful for people on the site who may not know.

Best to you!

~ Yuck

I had the most dangerous reaction to Levofloxacin, ended up in hospital, total breakdown of body function. Learned this med is on REDLIST IN GERMANY.

Good Luck, Traudel

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