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Concerned 38 year old. Could I have CLL!

Hi all

I’m writing for advice really. I was a nurse so have a little knowledge (not of CLL)

Without wanting to sound like a hypochondriac I am a little worried.

I’m 38 years old. Basically I’ve been having a few non specific symptoms for a while now.

My youngest is 1 and since his birth I have had drenching night sweats on and off. I put this down to hormonal changes. For a few months I have been having regular nose bleeds. Dr said it was a sore in my nose. I have never ever had a UTI but about a month ago I had a day of passing blood. Later diagnosed as a uti. I often feel tired but every couple of weeks I find I have to go to bed for a whole weekend. I put this down to having young kids and the emotional draining effect it can have. I have a bad back and have noticed a lot more joint type pains and the dull ache in my lower spine is constantly there.

Now I am developing severe insect bites which are incredibly itchy. No one else in our home is being bitten. We have no animals so it can’t be fleas.

I just don’t feel right. I’m not usually one to worry about my health. I’m pretty fit and slim anyway but I have noticed I seem to be able to eat anything without gaining weight.

I have made another drs appointment but I think they will fob me off because of my age etc.

Any advice what to say to the drs about my symptoms do they listen or reassurance this is probably nothing would be great!


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Hello. Some people get it in their thirties but it is rather rare. Usually, it is discovered by accident through a blood count. Then if anything appears unusual they would do further testing.

Start with the doctor obviously since there may be many other explanations for your symptoms.

Yeah I’m thinking I am jumping the gun a bit. Thankyou for your reply

I should add earache and sinus pain to all that too. Probably run down!

Hi lou,

I’m sure your GP must have done blood tests. Are they revealing anything?

The symptoms you’re describing are not exclusively CLL related especially in the early stages and I can’t help thinking if it was CLL, labs would be giving up the signs by now. Seems to coincide with the birth of your baby which may be significant especially the UTI’s and lower back pain. I’m wondering if you’ve been left with an infection but obviously that’s just speculation.

Push for answers because this is hard for you especially with a baby. Is there no staff health system in place for you to pull some strings for a diagnosis?

Best wishes,


I’ve not had blood tests since I was pregnant. You’d think they would have with the nosebleeds and blood in my urine! I haven’t mentioned the other things to them yet as I didn’t think they were related.

I think you need to mention the whole range of symptoms and insist on a FBC. I’d be also wanting a C-Reactive Protein test and liver and kidney function. Nosebleeds can be for a variety of non related reasons but all these lower abdomen issues are significant especially if a persistent infection has taken hold. It could certainly cause the fatigue and night sweats.

Get that appointment made today and don’t leave without the lab requests!



Thank you. I have an appointment a week tomorrow. As lovely as you all seem, hopefully you’ll never hear from me after this! 😜

My littlest is 14months now. I have wondered if it’s an early menopause to be honest.


No strings lol I left nursing a while ago to be a stay at home mum of 3. I’m out of that loop anyway now.

Apart from a bad back I’ve never had any health issues until now. I wouldn’t normally bother going to a dr for anything not even my back.

Sounds like a typical nurse Lou, not wanting to seek out answers for yourself! But you must 😉

Wishing you well but in line with our policy on here, I’m going to have to switch off replies because this isn’t within our CLL remit and it’s pure speculation as to what’s causing your issues.

However, should you ever receive a CLL diagnosis which is incredibly unlikely, we’ll be delighted to help and support.

Very best wishes to you,


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your blood tests are the best route to identification, good luck with them, the age issue shouldn't result in you being fobbed off!

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