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Labs and elevated numbers

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I just got done with my check up with hem doc. The last time that I seen him was June 2018 but I have been doing blood work every 3 months. Last blood work was in Sept and numbers were pretty stable with WBC around 22 and I believe Lymphocyte abs was around 18. Today I had lab as I always do but in a different place and a different place for my appt. And my numbers are elevated and kinda making me nervous. WBC was around 32 and lymphocyte abs was 30 I believe. For the last week and a half to two weeks I have had a sinus issue. It started with sore throat then sinus pain and pressure and headache. I do feel better but would that cause the numbers to increase? My doc is not concerned to much but I am very concerned. I have no symptom like night sweats or anything.

My doc wants me on every 4 months. I come here to read and calm my nerves and I am so thankful for everyone that share with me. I know that I treatments are good. My doc tells me not to worry but easier said then done.

Thank you for any comments to help me. I do appreciate them all.


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Hi Jackie,

Infections can certainly cause the difference you have seen. A different test lab can also contribute. You can also get considerable variations up and down over time just as you have seen. That's why specialists don't bother looking at lymphocyte doubling time until the lymphocyte count climbs above 30 and why your doctor is not concerned, evidenced by only requiring 3 blood tests a year.


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honey1969 in reply to AussieNeil

Thank you Neil. I believe that I read here that one time high readings is nothing to be concerned about and its the trend. That makes me feel better but still concerned. I really need to calm down because if I ever need treatment it will be a good thing and not a bad thing right !!

Thanks again!


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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to honey1969

You've got it! As others have shared, the absolute lymphocyte count isn't the issue, but how fast it changes. We have members still in watch and wait with 10 to 15 times your highest lymphocyte count. Quite likely you'll see a lower result when you have recovered from your infection. I too have had bigger changes up and down - and over shorter periods than you. And that's without an infection!

How high can you go?


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Hi honey1969,


AussieNeil's answer is right on.


If you would like to dig deeper here are some videos from my favorite explainer of blood tests: Dr. Susan LeClair that answer why the values of WBC and Lymph# change :


She has many more videos along the same lines



Thank you so much. I will take the time and watch these for sure.


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Looking at the differentials, there’s a good chance your ALC was about 28 which is a 10 point difference in 3 months. Given you’ve had infection it really isn’t too bad at all and I’ve had much bigger increases in a shorter space of time that have levelled out and even dropped back.

These increases spook us but this really isn’t something to stress about.

Calm your nerves Jackie, this isn’t a major leap and hopefully will settle for your next consult.


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honey1969 in reply to Newdawn

I can not thank you enough for your kind and calming words. I am stress, worry kind of person and wish I didn't do that but I do. I take a blood pressure pill every night and its a small dose but today it was high. I need to calm down. :)

Thank you so much!!


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