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Antibiotic resistance - some recent news


Wonder why some bacterial infections remain stubbornly persistent through repeated antibiotic treatments? "One strategy pathogenic bacteria use to avoid antibiotics is to slow growth temporarily when antibiotics are present.


This process tends to explain why some people suffer from persistent recurring infections. Courses of antibiotics can stifle the growth of certain bacterial pathogens but some bacteria can enter this hibernation phase and avoid destruction." :

And in related disturbing news, Drug-resistant bacteria are growing tolerant to strong alcohol-based hand rubs: Worryingly, "researchers found that bacterial strains collected after 2010 were 10 times more tolerant to alcohol solutions than older strains.", so a soap and water hand wash is preferable when available, or as the article notes, rub your hands together for longer when using alcohol based hand wash gels- "the recommended optimal duration is 20 to 30 seconds".

Now for some good news - older antibiotics used together may be effective against so called 'super bugs' and there's research into finding effective combinations. "Other approaches are more focused on making existing treatments more useful once again, including molecules that knock out bacteria's immunity to drugs, supercharging old antibiotics or re-enlisting overlooked ones."


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