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Good morning All:

I have been working with Patricia Koffman, Executive Director

CLL Society to try to start a CLL Support group in Kansas City Area. There are several members here who have joined with me in this effort.

If you are interested in seeing this support group started and are in the KC area please fill out the survey at this site and also private message me so i can add you to our list to keep updated.

The survey is at


go down several pages to the Kansas City Location. Any and all advice is welcome as we strive to get this much needed group off the ground


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Are you on cllforum.com/ ? I believe that there are some Kansas City people there. If not, let me know and I will post this information there.

I am not , Appreciate it if you would. Are you from around KC ? Thanks for your help


MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to BlueGillfisherman

I'm in Southern California, but have relatives near KC and my brother used to live there. I just know the value of support groups, and like people to know if there is one near them.

Do we have on in KC area yet? I'm sort of getting desperate to feel like someone gets it.


Yes we do , we meet every 2d Tuesday 6:00-7;30 at Turning Points 8900 State Line Road Suite 240. Very informal group . We have folks from all stages from watch and wait to advanced treatment. Send me your E-mail adress to jamespray@centurylink.net and I will add you to my reminder list.

Hidden in reply to BlueGillfisherman

My husband was recently diagnosed. We live in KCMO and are interested in joining the group. Please add us to the list. Thanks!!

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Welcome to our community! For your security/privacy just send a private message with your email contact information and don't share email addresses, phone numbers, etc in the community. I've deleted your email address from your reply.




Good job you guys I wish there was one in St. Louis

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