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Great article on alternative medicine clinics

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Today I read a great article on Medscape, a respected and reputable source for accurate, evidence based medical research. I wanted to share the link with all of you because it’s so relevant. Some of want to know what treatments are scientifically based before making decisions.

Hopefully you will not need to sign in to access it but getting an account at Medscape is easy and free.

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I’m afraid the link didn’t work for me.

The link worked for me, but it may be one of those country specific issues. Interesting article. I hope Cllcanada or one of the computer oriented people here can figure out what the issue is with the link.

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

Link works for me...

I’m in the USA.

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The thot plickens. The link worked fine for me earlier on my smartphone, then failed later on my PC. I tried again on the phone and it worked, then found to my surprise that it worked on my PC!! Jm954 and anyone else having difficulty, wait and try again.

The article introduction provides a good background about the growing number of practices offering complementary/alternative/integrative medicine and how the distinction between these is becoming blurred. We've had a few posts about dental amalgam, which is the last clinical practice covered:

Reading through the comments, the real challenge is finding a clinic that offers treatments that are evidence based.

For a science based perspective of commonly encountered remedies specifically promoted for CLL, read this post:

I can recommend Science Based Medicine as a good resource site. Those with expertise in the relevant medical field assess the science behind claimed cures.


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Psalm4610 in reply to AussieNeil

Thanks for elaborating on this ! I’m sorry the link is persnickety.

If one more person in my city suggests I get the new hormonal testosterone injected pellets to help with my fatigue, I may lose it. Even my “trusted” pharmacist encouraged it! Every specialty area of Drs are jumping on the “pellet bandwagon” in my city- and it’s not cheap. $500 and up. Buyer beware.

The article addresses this issue - medical professionals we consider trustworthy offering new treatments.

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Psalm4610

Sorry to hear about the pressure you are under with regard to testosterone injected pellets: I don't recall it being mentioned before, which is surprising, given how many of us suffer from CLL related fatigue. I guess that's the next fad we need to guard against, so thanks for the warning :( . I see that there are quite a few articles on testosterone treatment on the Sciecnce Based Medicine site: where it is being increasingly recommended for a much wider range of conditions than where it will actually help.

I don't recall this problem with Medscape links before. It's frustrating, but it's not your responsibility :)

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I very good article. From my experience, when I had all my amalgam mercury laced tooth fillings removed, ~ 99.99% of my constant chronic headaches went away. That was back in the late 1970s, when I had all my amalgam fillings removed. I only get maybe one headache ever couple of years at the most. This is not a CLL related comment but am just commenting on above article.

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