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BBC article on ageing and immune system


Today on the news and internet an article about how exercise keeps you fit as you age and how it helps the immune system. Something we could all do with sone help with. However, don’t all rush out and do a marathon, take some advice

“How exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining”

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Saw this, impressive immune systems but I got the impression these people were life long energetic exercisers who actually enjoyed it and not people like me who drag themselves out when they have to.

Oleboyredw-uk in reply to Jm954

I think the message I took away was exercise helps with immune system. Possibly wrong, but I think every little helps.

Jm954Administrator in reply to Oleboyredw-uk

I'm hoping you're right!

Yes my first Oncologist wanted me to do hill sprints for 30 minutes every other day. I have two bad knees so 30 minute hill sprints turn into 1 hour water walk.😲😲😲😲😲😲 I guess whatever WORKS!!!. STAY STRONG J.R.

I was listening to this at lunchtime. I’ve entered the world of walking rather late. Now, I love it. The beneficial effect it has on my mind and body is indisputable. I only wish that I had more time to do it.

Peggy 😱


And in related news on the benefits of exercise during chemotherapy treatment: “I think the public sometimes gets jaded because the nutritional recommendations seem to change every year, but if you look at the research on exercise in health … it’s interesting how consistent the data is that exercise really is good for us – if we can only get people to do it,” said Dr. Gillingham...


Kwenda in reply to AussieNeil

Why does exercise work so well.?

Is it also perhaps that the movement keeps the lymphatic system function working? Thus circulating the cells that help in our defence against germs.?



In my case I can’t help but think the horse has already bolted. I just wish my joints were good enough for me to do the same! 🐴


Psmithuk in reply to Newdawn

Me too....

jerard59 in reply to Psmithuk

It's never too late. Pool based exercise helps people get fit without excessive stress on your joints. I see these aqua fit classes at my local gym's pool all the time. I myself have taken up swimming since my diagnosis last year and have gone from only being able to swim very short distances to swimming non-stop for 30 minutes. My doctor told me to get into the best physical state that I can be to be prepared for whatever course of treatments may be needed in the future. The best thing is with that in mind this has now become a lifestyle change and not an optional activity. I hope you consider adding some form of exercise into your life because we only get one trip through this phase of our journey and it just may help make a much more pleasant and longer one.

Psmithuk in reply to jerard59

Thanks Jerard. You are of course quite right, but with a painful hip and post MI, swimming - which I enjoy - can be a bit uncomfortable, and it’s a 30 mile round trip to get there.

I do go to the cardiac rehabilitation exercise class when I can. We all need to get on the move in any way we can.

jerard59 in reply to Psmithuk

One step at a time

I'm sure we all agree that exercise is good for us, especially our mental wellbeing :) After nursing at the coalface for many years, I still think that genes have a lot to answer for! Thanks for posting; I do enjoy reading these articles :)

Kwenda in reply to Sucee

Some just released research has shown that the environment and how we live can override the genetics we inherit..



More on this item from the Times in the UK

Thank you for this, Oleboy. Walking always revives my spirit somehow. Going to give it a go now, though the lane somehow became snow-covered again in the . night. (-:

I'm for this! I go to the gym for exercise class as often as I can, if fact getting ready to leave for the gym in 10 minutes. I've been on w&w for 5 years now. I also ride my bike and I've started going to a belly dancing class. Its great fun. So I'm all for exercise and if it helps us to keep healthy, great all around.

You are probably on the right track. I am a widower,95 years old and go to the gym 3 times a week ,an hour at a time. Half aerobics on treadmill and bike, and half on muscle strength. Cant play tennis any more due to hips and slow reaction time. but go to the coach sometimes to keep my eye in.

Still on w&w for CLL and prostate, successful recent aortic valve replacement and otherwise an active life involving others socially. Life is reasonably enjoyable.

Justasheet1 in reply to calebF


You are my new hero. 95 and kicking ass.

God bless you,


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