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My mom 78 years old diagnosed with CLL.

Hi my mom is 78 right now and diagnosed with CLL. Hematologist said that she already had 2010 upon checkihg my folder files of her blood test. Doctor prescribe CHLORAMBUCIL, yo be taken 2 tabs a day... would you advise to proceed with oral chemotheraphy? Or just let her take the herbal meficibe...? Pls consider her age 78. Someone recomend COLOSTRUM to boost immune system...any comment or advise?

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Hi Vilmacheng and welcome. I’m sorry to hear of your mother’s situation. Chlorambucil is an anti-cancer ("antineoplastic" or "cytotoxic") chemotherapy drug. This medication is classified as an "alkylating agent." It’s sometimes used for older patients because it’s reduced toxicity compared to other regimes.


Your mother’s doctor has obviously decided this is the most appropriate treatment for your mum based on her age and health situation. I’m not sure of your country however so it could be a factor in treatment availability.

Dependent on your mum’s clinical need for treatment, I’d seriously be listening to medical advice as opposed to unquantifiable alternatives like colostrum.

‘Colostrum is collected from cows that have been vaccinated to produce antibodies that fight the bacteria that cause diarrheal disease. These antibodies appear in the colostrum that is collected as medicine. Though the hope is that these cow antibodies will help fight human disease, the cow antibodies do not seem to be very active in humans.’


If your mother does agree to take oral chemotherapy, please advise her doctors if she intends to continue with any other medications even if they are herbal.

Much depends on how advanced your mother’s CLL is and how pressing the need is for treatment but I’d seriously advise her to consider traditional medicine with a proven track record over anecdotal tales of immune boosting alternatives. Get the very best medical advice you can source for your mother to discuss all treatment possibilities.

Hope all goes well for her.



Монотерапија Цхлорамбуцил се даје:

Протокол 1.: 1-7 дана у месецу, 0,2 мг / кг телесне тежине


Протокол 2.: 1 и 15 дана у месецу, 0,5 мг / м2.

У којој земљи живите?




I’ve taken the liberty of translating your reply Olga (hope it reflects your message correctly),

Chlorambucil monotherapy is given:

Protocol 1: 1-7 days a month, 0.2 mg / kg body weight


Protocol 2: 1 and 15 days in a month, 0.5 mg / m2.

In which country do you live?




Thank you,Newdawn!


Im from the Philippines..chlorambucil to be taken 2 tabs daily for 6 months. We have not started yet.will be seeing onco-hema first.the one who prescribe the med is hematologist....talked to naturopath doctor and told me dont panic. He said some patient with that need no medication....colostrum,salvestrol and ashitaba all are ok for her.


Hi Vilmacheng,

There are two options being explored here for your mother and you haven't provided enough background information for other members in a similar situation to your mother to be able to share their experience. The naturopath doctor is correct than for some of us, we just need support to improve our immunity. Others need their CLL treated eventually. That your mother's doctor considers that she needs treatment, after being diagnosed in 2010 and just being content to monitor her blood counts for 8 years, strongly indicates that she needs a second opinion from a specialist haematologist (the oncologist-haematologist) who regularly sees people with CLL before dismissing the suggested treatment and following the naturopath doctor's advice.


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Thanks Neil....will have her check with onco-hema...then talked with my siblings for the treatment.....how about IV vit c? Will it help?


It is unlikely to help and might worsen her CLL. Read this post: healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...


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Welcome to the group, though I'm sorry that you need us. If you are using your real name you might want to restrict your post to community only, especially since you are giving information about someone other than yourself. To do so click on the v next to more on your original post, then edit, then at the bottom of the post change the setting from everyone to community only. You should then see a little lock next to the title of your post.

As Neil said, we don't have a lot of information about your mother's case. Ask for a copy of her blood work. Important things to look at are her hemoglobin (HGB or HB)), her platelets, and her absolute lymphocyte count (alc or lymph #), a part of the white blood cell count (WBC). Ignore all of the percents. If that's all that is given we can help you convert them.

Next you want to ask the doctor what the reason for treatment is now. Is her alc over 30,000 and doubling in 6 months or less, are her HGB or platelets dropping, is she having trouble with side effects like night sweats, enlarged nodes or spleen, or extreme fatigue.

In addition to the routine for taking Chlorambucil (daily?) you want to know the dose. Olga has had a lot of experience with Chlorambucil, and you can see that the dosing schedules she's familiar with are different and involve different doses, depending on the schedule. Will she also be taking prednisone? Chlorambucil is sometimes given with prednisone.

Has your mother had a Flow Cytometry test done, and maybe a FISH test? The FISH is not done in all countries? You might want to ask if it is possible to test her IgG level and her vitamin D and B levels, especially B12.

Please listen to your mother's hematologist. If she does not have symptoms indicating that treatment is needed right away she might be put on watch and wait for a while. If she does need treatment now she needs to follow her hematologist's advice and not complicate things with other, unproven treatments. We all want that miracle "natural" cure, but there just isn't one out there.

Keep us updated. We are all here, from all around the world, to help each other.

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Hi,went to see an onco-hematologist...she said her platelet and hemoglobin is not so low...her wbc is not so high....so her case is waych and wait.no need chlorambucil.....just eat healthy foods.i prepare fresh vegetable mux with fruits daily. Colostrum tabket as supplement us ok also.....just monitor her cbc ,platelet count, LDH monthly.....careful not to have opeñ wounds....thanks to all advises.....


Wonderful news!


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