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CLL treatment and hair loss

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Hi everyone I am about to start treatment for CLL soon and most probably the treatment will be FCR meaning a mix of chemotherapy, are am I going to lose my hair? Can anyone share his/her experience with me, thanks.


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Hi. I had FCR over year ago and did not have hair loss, just some very minor thinning. I've heard that hair loss is generally not an issue with FCR. Good luck with everything!!


Thanks a lot

I finished my FCR in February of this year and did not have hair loss. FCR does not cause hair loss in most CLL patients. So don't run out and dye your hair in weird colours expecting it to fall out, as it probably will not. It could happen, but I doubt it.

I asked this exact question about a month ago. Surprisingly the unanimous consensus was I won't lose my hair. Which is becoming a problem cause my wife keeps telling me I have to cut my mop head....but I dunno...I kinda am liking the mop look lately.

Link here


Still imitating a mop

Extremely unlikely. I’ve had 11 rounds of FCR over a 5-year period with no hair issues.

Thanks dear but why 11 rounds your remission was short or what happened?

Four years in between. 5 rounds in 2008/9 and 6 in 2013 - the latter as much for AIHA as for CLL.

Wish you the best and long remission

Thank you. I hope your treatment goes well for you.

Hi, My experience is similar to those above. Diagnosed age 41, FCR aged 44 - didn't lose hair but had some thinning. Good luck with treatment.

Thanks a lot, kind regards

Thanks for the reply, how long was your remission and how many sessions of FCR you took back in 2007, thanks

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