Joint pain/shoulder pain on Imbruvica.. HELP!

Hi everyone,

I'm currently on Imbruvica and this morning I woke up with really bad shoulder pain in which I can barely lift my arm. I've never felt like this and it only started while on Imbruvica. (Which I just restarted a week ago after being taken off of it). The pain also goes down to my finger joints which is also pretty painful when I move my hand. I am in so much pain.. :(

Has anyone experienced this? What did you do about it? And does it go away? Age shouldn't be a factor as I'm only 26..

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  • Hi... you need to contact your doctor, Susan O'Brien.. is this first line treatment?

  • I just had another follow up today. She prescribed me some Prednisone to help with the other reaction I've gotten from Imbruvica. Hoping it'll knock out my shoulder and joint pain as well!

  • Call your doctor and see if you can be put on Placqunil for your arthritis pain.

  • I just celebrated my 36th month on Imbruvica. I had joint pain in the knees, hips and shoulders. It slowly dissipated everywhere but the shoulders. It sounds like your pain is more severe but I couldn't play tennis anymore as the serve was to painful. So, I started playing pickleball and exercising more. I have no clue as to any correlation, but I am free of pain now in all my joints. TIME seems to be the biggest factor for my situation. Your doctors will best know what your next steps are.

  • I'm glad your joint pains have gone away! It's definitely no fun. Hoping mines will go away too!

  • Hi Michelledf, About two months ago I had neck pain a similar shoulder pain that tingled its way down to my fingers which lasted several weeks. This was two years after starting Ibrutinib so my doctors didn't think the pain was related to the medication. An MRI revealed the beginnings of arthritis in the neck and shoulder so I was given some physiotherapy. That, together with gentle regular yoga seem to have relieved the pain. I hope yours settles down soon.

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