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Imbruvica and arm pain

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Anyone had bad arm pain in the muscle while on imbruvica? It hurts to touch the muscle. I have been on imbruvica for 16 months but never had muscle pain like this.

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Hi Dom57,

I have had what can only be described as "traveling pain" since starting Imbruvica in Oct. of 2016. At one point it was my hamstrings, another time my hip flexors, etc. It seems to find whatever muscle is weak or under stress in my body and amplify what otherwise might be a mild ache into serious muscle pain. The muscle seems to become overly tight and tender to the touch. Fortunately, I was referred to a massage therapist who helps "chase" these aches and pains enough to find some relief. I also purchased a foam roller and am able to work some of the less severe aches out myself. A dose reduction helped but did not eliminate the issue. I hope your issue stays local and you're able to find something to ease the pain.

Warm regards, Kim

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Thanks for getting back to me. I have also chased the many pains as you have for months. Get done one place and get it in another. It seems like we . You have been on imbruvica for about the same amount of time. Are you still on a lower dose? I am still on 3 pills a day

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Yes, I'm down to 1 pill per day since late November. My WBC has been around 10k since then. My ALC is still hovering just above normal. No visible nodes on CT.

Hi Dom.

I have only been on Ibruvica for two weeks. After being out of bed for an hour or so, I developed a really painful elbow joint. The only thing I could think might have caused it was lying on it while asleep - just odd it took so long to actually hurt. It lasted two days and then disappeared. I was aware that the drug could cause pain but thought it was far too early but who knows.


I've been on it for 5 weeks. I do have more aches n pains. It's hard for me to say it's the imbruvica. I also suffer from fibromyalgia. I do ache less on some days. Take care. Cindi

Dom, funny that you mention this. I was wondering the same thing or if it was just me. I've had tennis elbow (don't play tennis) in my right arm but now it seems that it's in my left arm. And it does hurt to touch it. I don't see how it could be from use since I'm right handed so figured that it must be from the Ibrutinib.

I have had this for four and on for a while. Mine do not last long, thank goodness, and then go someplace else. But they really hurt while they are there.

I've been on Imbruvica for over two years and it does indeed cause Musculoskeletal Pain. It's very mobile and started in my legs, traveled into my abdomen, then my rib cage and is now attacking my shoulders and arms. From the beginning, it's been Disturbingly Painful. I've tried Methocarbamol, Meloxicam, Cyclobenzaprine, and Tylenol. Meloxicam and Cyclobenzaprine in combination worked best but they raised my Blood Pressure so no more of that. I don't recall the name of the pian cream but will add it here later. In my legs, abdomen and rib cage it feels like a Rottweiler chewing on me and in my arms and shoulders it's like being cut open. I'm a poet among other things so of course, I wrote about it;

Side Effects



So many

The hard ones

Break in two

Swallow whole

I cannot

Three chemo, soft


Seven for chemo pain... HA!!

2 AM, Chemo surgeons arise

Slice into shoulder

Bisect the biceps

Flay open the forearm

Drill into wrist

Oh, did that wake you?


Done in a few

There now, all done (for tonight)

Tomorrow then..??


Fine see you then

Clock ticks close to 9PM

Feel the ache

Take the pills

They will be here soon

Listen to Dad's voice

This will not kill you

You can take it

You can take it

You can take it

I hope we all find resolution!!

All The Best,

Chuck Worthy

I described my as, it feels like I have had a booster shot in each arm. 😬

Weird nearly 1 year and I sometimes get cramps in different places

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