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Been a while since I posted on here, busy getting on with it . No issues , fit and healthy , no symptoms , having six monthly blood tests with my GP not bothering to check results, no news is good news. However I had a blood test last week for PSA. Doctor booked me in for a comprehensive set of tests. She rang me today , all good , CLL ‘ stable ‘ in her words , but my LDH was ‘high ‘ said she’d reported results to haematology dept at the Churchill , mo response yet . Suggested I contact them myself , as yet no reply to my voicemail . Anyone out there any experience of a high LHD is it part of the condition. As I say, no other health problems whatsoever, plenty of energy, loads of exercise , almost wish I had t bothered to have the tests! Something else to fret about !

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I hate that LDH reading the most!

It is an indicator of tissue damage and/or cell death. and can go up as your disease progresses. Mine went up a while back and when I looked into it found that it can be caused by an antibiotic (and probably other things as well.

However, (the big "however") I would check with your oncologist. Sigh...


High LDH was new to me but I quickly discovered that, combined with low Haptoglobin, it is an indication of possible haemolysis. I’ve been coming back up from a Haemoglobin low of 34 and it took 8 months for these 2 markers to get back in the normal range. How’s your HGB?

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There are a number of causes for high LDH, certainly in the 500-600 range things need to be assessed by your hemaetologist...


Just had a support nurse from the Churchill ring me back , no worries LDH level same as it was when diagnosed in 07/2016 at 243 . Everything else’ good haemoglobin levels good , platelet count unchanged , now ! She gave me some numbers and I can’t remember what she said they referred to but are apparently the key markers, in 07/16 it was 7.92 ,01/17 ,8.10 and 03/18 ,8.84 .in her words my condition is very stable . Phew ! Minor worry over . Oh ! And the PSA test the only reason I went was 0.17 .

Regards to all

NewdawnAdministrator in reply to Nigel-Q

That’s reassuring to hear Nigel and your PSA level is excellent!

We get very het up about LDH levels because of the link with possible Ritchers but it has to be remembered that there can be other reasons for an elevation. Mine are slightly higher than I’d like but I discussed this with the haematologist. With a permanent, systemic inflammatory arthritis and a torn rotator cuff (muscle tears/tissue damage can increase the level), he said he would expect that. Also my CLL is undoubtedly ramping up.


Nice to hear from you newdawn thanks for the kind words. Sorry you’re not as lucky . I have a sister with a rotator cuff injury , she’s had to give up teaching and is in some pain pretty much all day , so I know how it must be for you . Hope your CLL slows down , the new treatments can’t come fast enough

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Thanks Nigel, much appreciated. Yes the rotator cuff is painful but the orthopaedic surgeon said to surgically repair it would be like ‘stitching wet tissue paper together’ so looks like I’ll have to put up with it!

Sorry to hear it’s affected your sister so badly.

Best wishes,


My LDH is a little elevated which is not uncommon in cll

That’s reassuring to know . I read that vigorous exercise can raise it. I had completed a very brisk 20 minute walk to the surgery to have my blood taken , the second such walk in six hours , wonder whether that was vigorous enough to have an effect

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