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CLL Live 2018 - Don't Miss It

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•April 19-21, 2018 Hilton Hotel and Suites, Niagara Falls, Ontario

•Featuring: Drs. Thomas Kipps, Nicole Lamanna, Carolyn Owen and Graeme Fraser

•A day and a half of clear, patient focused information about CLL

•Program, registration and more information at

•Conference attendance and meals are free of charge; travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the participant.

What past participants say:

Wayne Wells: CLL is a big topic that takes time to understand. The upcoming CLL Live conference is an opportunity to do so in a most pleasant way. Here you can meet some of the world’s outstanding Onc/researchers and meet up with members of our community to absorb information including the latest treatment breakthroughs while dining on great food and viewing the wonder of Niagara Falls. Don’t miss this one!

Pat Kennedy: If you have CLL and have not been to one of these conferences it is a MUST! Being in a room with about 300 other people - all CLL patients and caregivers - is very empowering! And the speakers are tops in the field.

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The hotel rooms are discounted. If you've never been to Niagara Falls it is worth it to get there a day early and take one of the bus tours.

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero in reply to MsLockYourPosts

It was a watershed moment in my CLL journey, I will never forget meeting you as you got out of the car in front of the hotel in your red jacket and thinking my goodness she is tall...😃 You brought us some wonderful California wines..which we all enjoyed...

I had the same thoughts when I met Nick few years later... at CLL Live 2015. Gee this guy is tall.,

Yes there may be a link with tallness and CLL...there are studies showing increased risk...particularly in women...

Hope to be there this time.. but there are a few impediments perhaps...


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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to Cllcanada

LOL! Nick and I see the rest of the world as short. Tall with a bright red jacket does make it easy for people I only know on line to find me in a crowd. Connected with 40 from various groups in 2012 and added to the list in 2015. Even crashed another group's party - led astray by a certain Canadian who you know. Gotta be careful about following after short Canadians! We were thrown out.

I would love to meet you all,look,I put my hand,and say,face to face,: I am Olga.

But I am so far away!

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peterdorfman in reply to Name-1

If the distance or the expense is too great, you can watch the presentations on video. They will be posted a few weeks after the conference. The advantage of being there in person is the networking with patients and caregivers in the same battle. The most poignant comment from the 2015 conference was "being able to tell my family and friends that there is reason for hope."

I attended last time and SO worth it! Coming again and looking forward to it.

I'm as tall as you are, MsLockYour Posts. I could wear a red jacket too - and lead more people astray! :)


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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to marcyh

Or totally confuse them, as the red jacket has been my thing at the last two. I'm not sure that I will be able to make this one - keeping an eye on the weather and potential after effects of the Thomas Fire here in California.

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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to Cllcanada

I guess being a tall CLLer in a room of 300 helps though?, I guess everything can look short from our perspective Pat, glad we got to sit down a lot ;-) What an amazing event and meeting you all in the flesh was a watershed moment for me too Chris. It was you and Pat who held my hand (on-line) all those years ago when I started out on the CLL trail at diagnosis. little did I know where CLL would take me ;-)

Are the falls frozen this year? What amazing place and venue too,, wish i could be with you all. great talks, food and hospitality. Especially enjoyed our CLL musicians too and the leukaemia blues. good to have a little fun as well. There is a lot happening in CLL, if i can't get there i will follow the videos,

Peter it was great to see you at CLL Horizons 2016 just before my treatment, good luck with the conference, please get some group video from everyone who wants to share during. keep up your great work.


Do you suppose it would be helpful for someone diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. It seemed to take awhile for the doctor to come to that conclusion, so I am thinking cll must be closely related to mantle cell.

Not really. You might find the fellowship useful but the diseases are different.

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