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Neck Pain

Hi Everyone. I have had excruciating neck and shoulder pain over the last week. I had an xray at the hospital ( I am on holiday in Lanzarote) which showed osteopenia which I knew I had but up to now had not bothered me. I am now on tramadol which makes the pain bearable.

My question is would an xray show up swollen lymph nodes or would you need a CT scan for that. I am not aware of any swollen lymph nodes and have had them.

Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you.


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Hi jem67,

I've experienced pretty bad neck pain a couple of times recently and thank goodness it came and went on it's own! I did wonder if it was something I did while excercising or even something as simple as watching TV which was high up on a shelf, so I was having to sort of keep my neck looking up.

Don't mean to trivialize the issue but as we all know sometimes we can injure ourselves doing something silly at home.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it hoping you'll have similar outcome and will be feeling better on it's own soon :-)!


Thanks for that. I hope it disappears as suddenly as it arrived! Joy


You will need a CT scan to clearly see what is happening with your lymph nodes in neck and shoulder. I do not believe X-Ray will disclose anything on lymph nodes. It is possible Ultrasound will give you node information. I truly share your pain as I recently have experienced muscle spasm's in neck and shoulders. It appears I used too much weight in my gym workout routine. Currently on a special rehab which includes nothing over 5 lbs. My neck also improved significantly after I replaced my very old pillow with a new Tempur-pedic. Hard to tell what exactly causes neck and shoulder pain. You also might look into possible issues with your upper spine. X-rays or MRI should tell you more about your spine. Best of luck to you.


The pillow is an interesting possibility as I am on holiday and the pillow in my last hotel was totally different from mine at home. I am now in a different apartment with much better pillows so we will see. Joy


When I had an x-ray to confirm a diagnosis of pleurisy 11 years ago, it showed all my lymph nodes were "up" and so did a follow up x-ray 3 months later. These results were the beginning of the path to my diagnosis of CLL.


Thanks for that. I will discuss it with my consultant at next appointment. Joy


ps. maybe wise to have a vitamin D test done.


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