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Cramps be gone

I have the same problem of debilitating spasms.

I found the cure by accident .

I figured spasms can be connected to electrlytes so I took some Potassium pills my doctor had perscribed a while ago. So I took one and 2 aleeve n like magic spasms gone. Potassium Hcl ER 20meq..ask yur doctor. Dont know why it works but it does. 20meq = 1500mg but its extended release. Iv been on Imbruvica for 4 months. Except for the daily bloody nose n spasms (now sussed out) it seems to work.

#screwSpasmsWith Potassium

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Be sure to discuss this with all of your doctors if you collect them like I do. I have potassium to take when (not often) I take lasix. My nephrologist wants me to stay as low, potassium wise, as possible. Just can't win!

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Me too! I upped my potassium intake to try and quell the agonising cramps and my kidney function was impacted at next blood check.



I'm taking Lasix now and coupled with posaconazole....it REALLY messes up potassium and sodium uptake... but cramp free.


Very interesting. I hope other members here can add some valuable insight. (I've taken Imbruvica for 18 months and have occasional cramping problems... feet and hands.)


Hi Radiolab

I'm on Imbruvica and I wake two or three times a night with cramps in calves and thighs, recently in ribs and seems to be increasing in frequency. During the day it tends to be in my hands.

I take Imbruvica at night. The cramps are painful, unlike sport-type cramps, and I have to leap (!) slowly out of bed to put weight on my feet. Magnesium has been suggested. Are there any other simple remedies out there?




Magnesium works for me. Unbearable otherwise - especially if I've had a few bewers or done physical work.


Magnesium and potassium are the two more medical supplements which some people find helpful. Mustard and pickle juice have been mentioned by many - my cousin swears by pickle juice when doing fund raising bike races. Others swear by putting a bar of soap under the sheet at the bottom of the bed. One doctor said that he could not explain the science behind it, but he had patients helped by it - placebo effect? Who am I to question. Other than the soap I would talk to your doctor about trying any of these. I have no idea what might be in any of them that might interact with other meds or conditions. I'd say the soap idea is probably harmless - unless it ends up on the floor and causes you to fall.


hi radiolab I have just started with the cramps and spasms awful taking potassium and magnesium daily, I drink about 64 ozs of water and started adding electrolyte water. How long did it take for you to feel relief after starting potassium? Do not want to stop Imbruvica because I am feeling so good.


I haven't had treatment yet, but I have had calf and foot cramps, especially at night. I've been taking magnesium supplements, which seems to be helping a lot.

But if you overdue it with magnesium, it can lead to stomach problems.

I've been using some with 63% of the daily requirement. I had some that were 100%, but I started getting ill.

I'm not a doctor either. As MsLockYourPosts says, talking to the doctor is highly advisable.


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