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A faint ill-defined band of IgG, type Lambda, isdetected.

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Hello You all

I have been a member in this community on behalf of my Mom who has been diagnosed with CLL about a year ago. Reading your notes and translating them for My Mom not just Calmed her down it truly helped me to take over some of my anxiety as well.

Thank to all of you for being such a kind and caring group of people.

My Mom is on q 6 month follow up with her Haematologist. She last saw her Hem Doctor couple weeks ago. At the time her Immunofixation result was not back.

I just checked it online saying "A faint ill-defined band of IgG, type Lambda, is detected." I started panicking again reading on internet and how there is a possibility for CLL patient to have Multiple Myeloma as well. It Would be great if anyone has an idea about this and I do really appreciate your advices.

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I am going to ask for the most sensitive diagnostic tests for MM. I have too many issues that do not match up with my CLL. So I a going to find out what the best diagnostic tests I need to rule out MM.

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lashkari110 in reply to DaleFL

Thanks DaleFl.

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They usually retest and it could be immune or monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) from what recall, but this is way outside my knowledge base.

You need a proper interpretation by her doctor...


Thanks for your reply. I always found your comments very informative and helpful.

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