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Port installed-Chemo Round1 starts Monday

Opted for the Portacath to receive my chemo (in Canada done via infusion) of FCR. The Port installation was done yesterday morning, so the afternoon was a little uncomfortable but today I am quite fine. I chose the Port after advice from my daughter, sisters and nieces (all nurses) when asking whether I should go Port, PICC line or just IV. Port was the resounding answer all around. A little short turn pain for long term convenience, less maintenance than the PICC, as well as less vein damage using the small veins for IV.

I am SLL and wonder since my bloodwork is normal,(I have bulky nodes, spleen involved and B symptoms), what it is going to do to my already normal counts. Scares me a bit.

Now I am preparing for the Chemo start on Monday morning. 3 days in a row? Yuck ! Other than pushing a LOT of fluids, what advice do you have for coping with the side effects?

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Hi Marie, I just wanted to wish you well, that your treatments will be uneventful and that you receive a long and deep remission! Sending you good thoughts from a fellow Canadian.


same here - best wishes from BC, Marie!

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All the best.. the anticipation is worse than the event... oh and it gettings boring really quickly... iPad etc and books are great

Any strangeness during Rituxan infusion notify the oncology nurses, it can be a bit of a ride, you need to tell them what you feel.

Stay ahead of any nausea and keep well hydrated.. if you wake at night, drink water...

Read everything you have been given, and note the oncology 24 hour call numbers, wise to add them to your cell phone contact list... any fevers call immediately before taking Tylenol...

You will do just fine 😀



The port is the best way to go. I had one put just after starting FCR. I had also needed weekly blood transfusions so the port took care of all the poking and vein searching in my hand. Plus you have both hands free while doing treatment. Best wishes for a great outcome!!


FC (Fludara and Cytoxin) is often done orally in most provinces, the Rituxan requires infusion, so if you are going with a port, makes sense to use all IV based drugs, perhaps...

But orals are probably used more often...


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Here in Ottawa it is all infusion. So the port is a wonderful thing. As I came into the unit for the first time today, the nurses noticed the dressing and said "Oh you have a port - aren't you the lucky one!' I do not know why they do not offer it as a choice. I only got it because I requested it. Most of the other patients were getting their infusion via IV. Destroyed veins anyone?


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