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Pulsed Electromagnetic and Axis Vibration devices

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In regards to dealing with CLL at various levels, I was wondering if anyone has tried or has any knowledge about the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic devices, or the Axis Vibrating machines for managing fatigue? I have had a naturopathic doctor recommend that I try the Pulsed Electromagnetic device, to help fight the chronic fatigue, and saw a demo on the Axis Vibration Machine.

I was told by the naturopathic doctor, that the AVM, has shown improvement with osteoporosis patients, but but that she had no knowledge about its effect on fatigue issues. (I doubt that it would hurt to try, but thought I'd ask you all. )

Thank you

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I have not tried the vibration machine, however, there have been a couple posts regarding them--if you will look beside your post (if you are on a computer--the column marked "Related Posts" shows at least 2. If you are on another devise---look for "Related Posts", maybe below your post?

I have a good and open-minded GP (in fact he mixes being very part-time locum, with his research). He will say of such things as electromagnetic pulsing devices: "I can't see it will do any harm.. Go ahead."

I'm not positing that such things will cure anything, but if they might just help..

..and after looking at the story of Bob Beck and his blood zapper and magnetic pulser, I spotted in last few years a cheap looking electrical treatment 'skullcap' (lots of electrodes placed over the skull) that was deemed by recent research to give a month or three more life in some rare brain cancer patients - which rather simple looking device was costing ~$15,000 !

You do not say, but are you looking at Rife related 'tens' machines or Bob Beck pulsers? Or..? Either might benefit fatigue, and besides: what harm can they do?

Some of the theory involved in them fits with how modern MRI scanning machines achieve their amazing visualisations of our internal organs.. Magnetic fields induce micro-electric currents in our tissues, etcetera. (The further theory being that our healthy evolved cells are more tolerant of such things than our ancient invasive pathogens and our typically throwback tumour cells..)

I have wondered whether folk enjoying loud music, and dancing in front of big loud speakers, harming their hearing, may benefit from the electromagnetic propensities of speaker magnets.. Ho hum, I like my hearing.

Do update here if you get an improvement from it. Fatigue is such a bore.

I would definitely fly this by your doctor before spending any money, especially if your CLL presents more in the nodes. Don't want to wake up any "sleeping dogs"!

sales rep just came by my office. she used rife machine for lyme and it worked. she bought her machine used from someone who had pancreatic cancer who had passed away. (years after using the machine from something unrelated). She was fine in about a month and hasn't taken any medicine in 3 years. She starts to feel symptons and will turn on the machine again. They can run about 30 programs at once. It works by "popping" bad cells based on their frequency. it also helps with acne so if you have kids it wouldn't be a total waste of money.

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