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Hi my name is Robin first time on here just trying to find answers I had Blood work done at beginning of month and have to wait until October my primary care won't tell me anything says have to wait and see what the hemotaligist says REALLY I have so much anxiety don't need to wait this is what the pathologist wrote if anyone can please help me

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The Wright stained peripheral blood smear shows: WBC: Moderate leukocytosis with neutrophilia and lymphocytosis (small to medium sized forms with round to irregular nuclei, clumped chromatin, and occasional prominent nucleoli). Few background smudge cells. RBC: Mild microcytosis with anisocytosis and polychromasia. Platelets: No diagnostic morphologic abnormalities. Comment: The differential diagnosis in the setting of mild lymphocytosis with background smudge cells includes reactive/inflammatory conditions as well as involvement by chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma. Recommend correlation with peripheral blood flow cytometric analysis, if indicated. Frances L. Rosario Quinones, MD


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  • Welcome from Canada 🇨🇦

    Basically, the pathologist is recommending a Flow Cytometry, its a blood test that looks at your B cells for specific indications you might have CLL.

    It also is used to differentiate, the possibility of CLL and separate it from other very similar lymphomas, like mantle cell, marginal celll, follicular and so on... [CLL is actually a subtype of Non-Hodgkin's, and it has a cousin called SLL, small lymphocytic lymphoma]

    Think of a Flow Cytometry as looking at a CLL Barcode on your B cells...

    It is the first test to say this is CLL/SLL or something else like some kind of inflammation...

    This is all pre diagnosis stuff..., not sure that helps, but we all go through it, some of us have the CLL Barcode, others don't.


  • Thank you so much that helps alot

  • Thank you I just took it has having one or the other why would they just use those two I don't know I just been looking at everything but thank you for your post

  • Hi Robin

    How are you feeling, what triggered the blood test ?

    Difficult I know but not wise to visit dr Google who has a lot of outdated info, and you do not really at this stage know what you are looking for so maybe scaring yourself unnecessarily.

    If you feel ok get on with living, October is not so far away, we will be here to support you if you get the CLL diagnosis.

    We have all been there and understand but don't let what may or may not be, spoil your days.

    Making your post only available to the community will encourage more to respond.

    Little edit arrow, and limit to our community.

    Best wishes


  • I'm always tired and feel like I don't feel good I was doing a pre-surgery with my doctor he ordered and told me I couldn't have surgery unroll this is taken care of thank you

  • All good comments above...beyond these various tests you may well be subject to CT Scans, MRI, lymph node biopsy and bone marrow biopsy before a final and definitive diagnosis...and all of these follow in sequence over a period of time.

  • Thank you I had a feeling that is what I'm in for but if it's not CLL/SLL then there's even more issues since I' m told not to have any of my surgery until this is figured out

  • Hi Robin

    so sorry to hear that it was at pre surgery check up that the anomalies in your blood were found, but of course it is why we have pre surgery checks.

    Hopefully things will soon be sorted and it may be that you have had some kind of infection that has altered your blood results, but it is only the haematologist that can check everything, and move things forward. I had had cll for 5 years and faced major surgery but it all went ahead once we knew what we were dealing with.

    I hope you will soon have diagnosis and operation behind you.

    Best wishes


  • Oh thank you so much I guess I'm frustrated every time the doctor checks things he finds something more my blood pressure potassium,anemia they want to put stimulator in back for pain I'm just over it all but I'm sure I'm not the only one thanks again

  • Robin, I was there back in May with a blood test that “looked odd” and trying to figure out if I had CLL or a strange infection. In my case the test you mentioned being asked to have (which does take a while to do by the way it’s not an instant result) did confirm it. But like many on here I was told I probably wouldn’t need treatment for years and years. Of course you might be fine, or it might be caused by an infection. So I know how tough it is to face uncertainty. Each time those of us with the diagnosis have a blood test that thought goes through our minds. But somehow you have to just take one day at a time. Totally agree beware of doctor google. He is not helpful.

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