nausea returned 4 months post FCR

Hi everyone. I am new to this community and so glad to be able to connect with you all. I had 4 series of FCR treatment and am 4 months out since the last one. After each series (3 days each) I experienced about 3-4 days of nausea. After that my only symptom was fatigue. Surprisingly, about 3 weeks ago the nausea returned and has not subsided since. Has anyone else had this problem? I am wondering if I caused a set back from an exhausting 6 day trip I went on. Or could there be something else going on? I have a follow-up appt to see the doc in a week, so have not contacted him to let him know.

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  • Welcome Vifi-your in the right place. be well. bill

  • Water infections can make you feel sick? Are you feeling any better today?

  • Thanks BellaBee10. I think I am slowly improving.

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