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I have had CLL a couple of years now. I am a year and a half post FCR, and it has worked despite the fact that I am unmutated. I do tend to get infections a great deal, and IVIG helps tremendously. Here is my question. We are heading to Idaho for the lakes and mountains. I worry about infections obtained from lake swimming. Does anyone continue to do that? i haven't been in the ocean yet since diagnosis. Just wondering.

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Don't do it. Read Chris's post.



The relevant item from Chris's post referenced by Jeff, which was specific to those of us with neutropenia was 'Do not wade, play, or swim in ponds, lakes, rivers, or water parks.'

I'm neutropenic and when I asked my specialist this question, I was advised to avoid swimming pools, (ponds. lakes and rivers weren't relevant where I lived - sadly not even healthy people risk that!). Swimming in the sea was deemed okay, provided I kept my distance from others.

Given you get infections a great deal, even if you aren't neutropenic, I expect you would be wise to avoid lake swimming. What does your specialist say?


Oddly, I haven't asked him. Will do so today. I had read what Chris posted before, so, was wondering if people followed it. I will just be safe then. DANG!!!!


Good information to have. Thanks for the question and the answers.

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I love swimming in the sea,but ...sorry.No .

beanlake14 in reply to Name-1

Thank you. That is the overwhelming response. Better to be safe


This is from the CDC. After reading this you will not want to swim in bodies of water:

Oceans, lakes, and rivers can be contaminated with germs from sewage spills, animal waste, water runoff following rainfall, fecal incidents, and germs rinsed off the bottoms of swimmers. It is important to avoid swallowing the water because natural recreational water is not disinfected. Avoid swimming after rainfalls or in areas identified as unsafe by health departments.

Children, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems (for example, people living with AIDS, individuals who have received an organ transplant, or people receiving certain types of chemotherapy) can suffer from more severe illness if infected. People with weakened immune systems should be aware that recreational water might be contaminated with human or animal feces containing Crypto (short for Cryptosporidium). Crypto can cause a life-threatening infection in persons with weakened immune systems.

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Thank you. No water for me.

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So mutch restrction!

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I know that is right; I am trying to plan a big European vacation next summer before I relapse and have to start new drugs. I am making sure there are medical facilities nearby. Nuts. I am sure everyone is like this. I lost my mom and sister-in-law within the last few months, and I didn't eat the pot luck that people brought. We have to be so careful. Still, many diagnosed with cancer don't get the shot we get, so I am so thankful that I even get to worry about restrictions! A blessing.

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Good luck!Greeting in Serbia!

I didn't know it was bad to swim but it makes sense not to. I'm glad you posted that question. I'm not going back in the water. To polluted. Wishing you the very best .

I know especially if there is a lack of water flow or high temperatures. Again, so much to think about!

I have a different perspective. First let me say my neutrophils have always been above 2 and I have had few infections. ANC recently was 3.4 currently I am in a clinical trial combining Imbruvica and TGR 1202

My CLL specialist has had no problem with me swimming in a pool or the ocean. In fact given my pains and fatigue, swimming is the only form of vigorous exercise I can do. I swim in a club pool 3-4 times per week and feel better after I do. Without the pool, I would be sitting around doing no exercise which would have its own consequences.


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Thank you, John!!!

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