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Gallbladder Surgery

Well I have successfully made it through gallbladder surgery and doing very well with recovery. Almost too well as I want to get right back to my normal activities. However my surgeon reminded me that inside I am not fully healed and respectfully I am abiding by the 6 week light duty.

Thank you to the group for your support during this time and next week I have my blood drawn for the oncologist appointment on July 25th. I am learning much more on what to ask for and while I'm meeting some resistance from the oncologist I am actually getting most of my "demands " lol.

I asked for the CBC which was expected. A vitamin level check especially D and B-12, the test regarding neutrophils and the zig levels. I also expressed I began having pain under my armpits and in the back of my throat. (No response about this in the reply back)

The oncologist said she wouldn't check B-12 or iron because my hemoglobin was normal 2 months ago. I have to ask my primary for a vitamin D check. The CBC will include neutrophils and JUST THIS ONE TIME she will run the Ig test for a baseline but if normal she won't check it again unless I get frequent infections. In the future she only runs a CBC while under W & W.

My primary is running a check on my calcium and vitamin D.

It was a most enlightening conversation.

So my question.... is this a normal conversation with an oncologist?

Thank you


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Absolutely! I would ask your primary to test the B levels. My hemoglobin was completely normal when I was first tested and I was deficient. I do follow a vegetarian, working on vegan diet, so that wasn't unexpected. The response about Ig levels is reasonable. Some people have a very low count, but don't have trouble with infections. When that is the case IVIG would not usually be prescribed to boost things. Neutrophils should show up on your CBC if it is a CBC with differentials, which the hematologist should be looking at, because with CLL it is the absolute lymphocyte count, not the total WBC that you want to follow. Lymphs and neutrophils are included in the differentials (look at he absolute numbers, not percents. If you only get percents the absolute can be calculated from them).

I'm glad that you are feeling better, but letting your body heal, at the same time. Let us know how your labs come out.


My only comment would be 'well done' in being assertive and getting what you needed. That's brilliant Molly!


Good news Molly 2017.


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So glad that you are feeling so well after gallbladder surgery. I was one of the first ones in our area to have it laparoscopically and it was a breeze. But of course that was before CLL. But do take it easy so you can heal properly. Sorry but I can't answer your other questions but I'm sure someone will. Great job!

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