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Post cataract surgery update etc etc

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Hi all,

I hope you’re doing well.

Just before my eye surgery my doctors clinic called to say that my Astra Zeneca vaccination was ready for me. I had it on the 6th April. On the 7th April I stopped my ibrutinib 10 days before my surgery.

On Friday I saw my doctor because I had an msg like allergy/rash all over my body, so she requested a blood test. Apparently the blood test results showed my liver wasn’t functioning well and my kidneys were only 45% working. So she sent me for an ultrasound, which I got the results today.

I am so happy to say that the results came back normal. So much trauma in the last few days, I’m glad it’s all behind me now.

Back to the cataract surgery. After the surgery was completed I felt very unwell and nauseated. The specialist said that he had to insert a ring where the lens normally sits. Apparently the “nodules”where the lens sits on were not in the eye.

On Sunday I went to see the specialist post op and the pressure behind the eye was 62. WOW I said. He got it back to 42 with drops and medication before he let me go home.

Yesterday I saw the specialist again and he and I couldn’t be happier. The pressure was now 4. HAPPY WOW.

Sorry to give you negative postings but in the end they turned out to be positive. That’s what we all need, more positivity in our lives.

Sending you all much love, and most of all thanks for your support and best wishes.

Josephine from Australia.

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Glad to hear you have a really careful specialist looking after your eyes, as it’s so important.It sounds like a few unpleasant ups and downs for you, although with a good outcome. Thanks for sharing.


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josephinef in reply to Psmithuk

Thanks for caring Psmithuk.

I do feel very lucky with the eventual successful outcome 🙂x

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Glad you're OK Josephine :)

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josephinef in reply to Jm954

Thanks, Jm954.

I hope you’re going well x

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Pleased it’s all worked out well for you, Josephine 😀

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josephinef in reply to CLLerinOz

Thanks CLLerinOz.

I hope everything is going well for you x

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CLLerinOzVolunteer in reply to josephinef


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We need positivity, but we also need experiences shared, because we can learn from each others experiences. We also need Drs. who can do the unexpected and who are there for any emergency. Your Dr. performed an unusual procedure and successfully so. Thanks for sharing., I hope you are doing well.

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josephinef in reply to cllady01

Thanks very much cllady01.

It is so true. We do learn from each other’s experiences and that’s why we turn to our CLL family for extra and true advice.

I am so grateful and thankful that I have your good advice and not forgetting my medical team.

Keep well and safe dear lady, Josephine

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You’ve certainly had a few bumps in the road lately Josephine but I’m delighted to hear you’ve weathered them and all is now well. Sounds like you had some anxious waits for results. Delighted to hear your cataract surgery is now behind you and you were in the hands of such a skilled surgeon. I had cataract surgery 7 months ago and the skill of the eye surgeon is so important. Hope the world looks brighter in every way now! 👀

Best wishes,


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josephinef in reply to Newdawn

Thanks very much for your kind words Newdawn.

I do hope all is going well for you and your family.

We were both so lucky we had skilled surgeons for which I’m so grateful for. As a matter of fact he was my late Mother’s specialist who I trusted looking after her. He used to lecture in England.

Take care Newdawn and stay safe x

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