introduce myself.....Judy

Im 74, white, retired hair dresser after 50 years at it.I have Heard disease, bypass at 57 plus 5 stints since then. I have COPD for along time. On oxygen at night. And i also have CLL, about 12 years now and im on Imbrovica from 3 a day down to 1 a day at present. Been reading the chat on here for awhile now and thought it time to join in. Dont have a big girl phone so cant get a picture on. Consider myself pretty much of a time bomb... But i plug along. No questions at the moment.

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  • Hi Judy and welcome!

    You sound like me. Too close to the front of the queue when they were giving out ailments. Not only that, I think we went round twice! I saw some CLL'ers in the same queue I'm sure.

    You've done great against the odds and thank goodness for ibrutinib! I hope that time bomb keeps fizzing along nicely and strongly for a very long time. My father had COPD and it's tough so I feel for you. Hope you manage to stay as upbeat as possible.

    If you post a photo, please restrict your post to the community.

    Good to have you in our ranks Judy. Don't be a stranger now you've introduced yourself.

    Best wishes,


  • yep, regular multitasker. i think i posted my thks in the wrong place........

  • Wow! You've earned your stripes Judy'. Just adding my welcome. Glad you've decided to introduce yourself


  • I'm pleased to hear you are still 'plugging along' after all that! Don't be offended please, but yours is a case where my husband would say 'creaking gates hang longest!'

  • lol

  • Welcome Judy

    Long may you keep plugging forward. No one promises an easy life but it's how we face adversity that matter. You come across as someone meeting it with a smile, maybe sometimes down but never out.

    Cyber hugs and best wishes


  • Welcome Judy

    Interesting you were a hairdresser, it is one occupation with a higher risk of CLL than average...

    Not that this fact helps, but it is interesting perhaps. The link also has been found to black hair dye used before the 1980's.

    You have a great attitude


  • Before the 80s . Know what i dont ever think ive ever used black on a client. It was too harsh. Interesting though, would like to read.

  • Here is one study, there are serveral others...

    Older study

  • Hi Judy Welcome. Keep plugging along & try to stay as positive as you can.

  • Please to meet you Judy. We're of a similar age. Plugging along too.

    Where are you?

    Sheila in oz

  • minnesota

  • Nice to meet you Judy and welcome to this wonderful group - although I'm sure that none of us wants to be here. I agree with everyone else - keep on plugging along!

  • HI Judy. Sorry to be meeting you like this. Has anybody mentioned that you don't have to try everything? Some of us seem to be just too curious for our own good!

  • ????

  • Sorry. 'scuse my sense of humour.

  • It's ok G1llHa1n, sometimes the British ironic humour doesn't translate well but I understood what you were saying :-)


  • got it after i asked. lol

  • Good, thanks for letting me know.

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