I received a reminder to introduce myself

I have been replying to posts but gave no bio so here goes. I am 64 and live in Canada. I am a wife mother and grandmother. I own my own business and continue to consult. I have CLL at stage 0 and hope it stays that way for a while. I enjoy this group and the wealth of knowledge I have gleaned since I have joined. I like the ability to be with those who understand and who bring information and compassion to each other from around the world. I like to dance swim sew do yoga and bake and play with our grandchildren.

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  • We could be twins. Same age, hobbies and love spending time with my grandchildren. I've been stage IV ever since diagnosis, 10 years and going strong. This is a wonderful group and feel blessed I found them. Welcome!

    Sally USA

  • thanks Sally. CLL has advantages you find kindred spirits who have lives as well beyond the disease. Nice to meet you.

  • Hi

    Good to hear from you. I do hope you stay at stage 0 and continue to enjoy life.

    I am 68 and also stage 0. I was diagnosed 5 months ago. I have had years of responsibility and heartbreak dealing with first my aunt's then my mother's dementia and was freed up from this by my mother's passing 6 weeks ago.

    While I pray that the CLL will spare me from inheriting dementia, I do hope to stay at stage 0 for as long as possible to enjoy, my grandchildren, travelling, swimming and singing.

    This forum is a Godsend. Thank you to everyone.

    PS just waiting for results on recent 6 monthly blood test. 🙏🏼

  • Wow you deserve a break. Wishes for good health and fun times. Being a carer the latest lingo for caregiver is very hard.

  • Welcome. I too have been in stage 0 for 4 yrs and feel very thankful. Im a 74 yr old retired CFLE married 52 yrs with 9 adult children 2 birth 7 adopted and 9 grandchildren. Family being most important to me. Im a singer and believe as research indicates that singing is good for your health. You will continue to receive support and good information from this group. Good luck!

  • Thanks for welcome and the reminder. I love to sing too. I keep looking for a get together group who are casual. I don't want to belong to a choir. I thought I had found one in Ottawa. They called it casualchoir and they are quite formal aside from meeting at a tavern. This site is more fun and it is a health site😀

  • I,too, am in Canada. Welcome.

  • Hang in there!

  • Thanks.

  • Welcome from a fellow Canadian. Grandmother of two, still working. Dabbling in textile arts and getting outside as much as possible. Diagnosed Oct 2015, W&W. Retired long distance runner--quite content now with long hikes.

    I have found a wealth of information, incredible support and validation on this site--I am sure you will too!

  • Thx for the welcome and camaderie. Can't wait to see if those who attend the Glasgow conference share any interesting updates.

  • Where abouts do you live in Canada. I'm in Toronto

  • I live in Ottawa.

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