Feeling very annoyed

Oh dear.....hubby has a severe urinary tract infection from the catheters......but this started on Sunday whilst on the ward and the dr did not want to prescribe antibiotics ....now it has 3 plus days to grow and is causing him major pain. His temperature has been up and he is very lethargic.....I am so annoyed with the colorectal ward dr, she should have known the infection would quite possibly get worse instead of sending him home.

Saw the emergency doctor at our surgery, who was very caring, checked all his vitals which were good, temperature had gone down.....told us the antibiotics may need to be changed once they know exactly what type of infection he has burn the meantime keep taking the prescribed ones and phone surgery up tomorrow to see if they have had the results back from the lab.

Trying to be strong but boy could I do with a damn good cry and cuddle at the moment. Although a cuddle may just make me cry more.

Take care



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11 Replies

  • Aww Susie, sending you a warm cuddle even if it sets you off. Anyway, what does it matter if you have a good old blub...things have been so tough lately and it's so hard watching our loved ones suffer. I bet you felt like giving that colorectal doctor a kick in delaying on the antibiotics that led to the infection! :-(

    You're having a difficult and emotionally charged time with a lot of fear and anguish thrown in. Anything we can do to ease the burden, we'll readily do. People understand how tough this is, especially the carers and families of CLL'ers who have to stand on the sidelines feeling anxious and powerless at times. Sometimes I wonder how my poor husband stays sane and calm!

    Glad your own doctor was so understanding and hope hubbie gets rid of the infection soon and starts back on the road to good health. Look after yourself in all this and make sure you have someone to talk to and some treats!

    Sending support and hugs to you at this time,


  • Sending you a big cuddle and best wishes

    Elle xx

  • Hopefully this is just a blip on the road to recovery but I share your anger and frustration that the colorectal doctor didn't act promptly. Sending a huuuuge cuddle your way x

  • Cuddles and cries equally important. Am so sorry. So difficult to be on the sideline ! Even though we aren't here with you in person, just seeing words of support can really help and make you realise that we are all routing for you both and it may seem that way, but you are not alone. Wishing you all the best.

  • You are doing so well in such a difficult situation. Love and virtual hugs coming your way.

  • Thinking of you and have a good old cry if you feel like it.

  • having a cry doesn't mean you aren't strong. it can release the tension caused by this upset. just tell your hubbie you are crying to let it out. I can cry when I get mad or frustrated and have had others say oh are you really upset and I say no I am mad. Hope this helps cuz bottling things up is not good for carers.

  • If you need a shoulder to cry on - we're here!

  • Give yourself permission to have a cry Susie. You deserve it and it may make you feel better. So sorry to hear about your husband's issue but hopefully they will be able to tell you more tomorrow. Sending you prayers and positive thoughts.

  • Sorry you have had this extra stress Susie, I hope your hubby is feeling better than he was and the correct antibiotics have now been prescribed. I know we must live quite near to each other so if you want a in real life hug anytime please just message me.

    My hubby has just started his new treatment at The Churchill after his splenectomy and the signs are looking good so far, therefore our 3 times a week hospital visits for transfusions are hopefully reducing. We may finally be getting a life back so I will have time to meet if you want to.

    In the meantime sending you lots of cyber hugs and good wishes.


  • Sounds like a good plan. Hope all is well at home with your hubby.

    We are up at the JR for post op and histology so hopefully good news there.

    Up at CLL Clinic in June. As you say spending more time to-ing and fro-ing to hospitals and doctors.

    Take care

    Susie x

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