ACP196 and weight gain?

I've been participating in ACP196 trial for 2 years now. I have been blessed with great response and no side effects - other than weight gain. Has anyone experienced weight gain while taking this or Ibrutinib? I've increased exercise, deceased calories, worked with a nutrionist and the scale won't budge! I've always had weight issues, but with due diligence I was always able to manage it.

Thyroid test ok. Trying to figure out if it's the drug or this is what happens when you get into the golden years... aka 61!

Wishing everyone happy, healthy days ahead!

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  • While you wait for newer responses, you might look at "related posts"--on a PC the list is just to the right of your post. there have been several posts re: weight gain and meds.

  • Thanks - I'll do that. I'm not on here very often.

  • Well, your tag name is quite suitable it seems. Your are very welcome for that little bit of my time.

  • I am also a grateful one, on ACP for almost 9 mos and having a wonderful response as well.

    BUT, I have also gained weight, over 40 lbs. It seems to be a known side effect, but except for indicating that it is recovering from "wasting" due to the disease, my trial team has no explanation for what causes it. I can attribute about 8 lbs to wasting recovery, but not the rest. I have also had thyroid and cortisol checked. While my thyroid numbers are low, my endocrinologist does not feel it is necessary to treat. The nutritionist confirmed that my diet is good and would not be the cause of such rapid, or any weight gain for that matter. I eat like a bird, trying to up my activity level to work thru the fatigue. The scale has not budged. At least it has stopped climbing. I hope!

    Sorry I have no solutions for you. I'm still searching, but you are not alone.

  • Thank you for your response! It could be so much worse. Im happy to hear you are having good results. Weight gain is a minor inconvenience to our diagnosis. Wishing you continued success!

  • Hi GratefulOne,

    I have been on ACP196 for 6 months and have put on about 4 lbs. I try to stay pretty low carb, but am hypoglycemic and still suffering from fatigue so my body craves food for energy, I think. I am hoping I will feel more energy soon and be able to do more exercise. I think it helps to be really vigilant about the carbs, staying below 30 grams per day if possible. How's your energy? Did you have fatigue before starting the drug and if so has it gotten better?


  • So sorry for the late response. My fatigue really kicked in about October. I was told to keep moving. I struggle to get out of bed most mornings - I have sleep issues - but since I started walking every morning it has improved. I think springtime and some sunshine help too! Fatigue is a real struggle. Best wishes for good health!

  • I have been on ACP for 9 months and having a great response with minor side effects. Didn't start having weight gain for the first 6 months. Nothing changed... but suddenly have put on 7 pounds in 3 months... arghh. Like you, not complaining but... don't need the extra weight.

  • I'm happy to hear you are having good results. I got so thin when I was at my sickest point. I don't want to get there that way, ever again. Best wishes to you!

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