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Health Check: are microgreens better for you than regular greens?

Health Check: are microgreens better for you than regular greens?

'Microgreens, tiny versions of leafy vegetables and herbs, have been described as healthier than full sized greens. They’re also more expensive.

So, do microgreens really contain more nutrients? Do they have other benefits? And are they worth the extra price?

Microgreens, also called “vegetable confetti”, are grown in a similar way to regular vegetables and other plants. But they are harvested when the plant is no taller than 5cm, which takes about 1-3 weeks from when the seeds are sown.'

University of Canberra academics Duane Mellor, Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics, Ekavi Georgousopoulou, Research associate and Nenad Naumovski, Asistant Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition, look at whether smaller is better:

While not CLL related, there's useful information in the article on the different nutrient values (and likely total additional nutrients consumed) if we eat microgreens compared to our regular vegetables.


Photo: This Monarch/Wanderer butterfly caterpillar will soon leave micro amounts of green leaves on this butterfly bush in my back yard. Thanks to Jay for the identification.

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Interesting information. And the caterpillar solves a mystery for me. There was one of those beauties on my garage door in the year 2005. I could not get information as to what it would become. So, I can lay that niggle to rest.

Thanks Neil.


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