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Anyone diagnosed with Appendiceal cancer along with CLL?

Waiting on post-appendectomy pathology report. Pathologist thinks it's cancer, my surgeon doesn't. Just trying to have a plan in place should it prove to be a yes. I currently see Dr. Byrd at Ohio State for my CLL, on watch and wait. Wondering how the CLL would limit my ability to receive the typical radical surgery to treat appendiceal cancer.

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I had a open right hemicolectomy for adenocarcinoma colon cancer recently after failing Imbruvica (ibrutinib) and it went well considering ... recovery took about 4 months, due to a month of blood bacteria and daily IV antibiotics.

It depends on your blood counts, immunoglobulins etc... my absolute lymphocyte count [ALC] was in the 70K range at the time but platelets were over 230...

I had very complete multi-discipline pre-surgery workup, that involved doctors from a number of specialties, led by a geriatric internal medicine doctor...

I got a green light for surgery, however red light for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, primarily due to Richter's treatment a number of years ago...



You are an inspiration Chris.


Praying that you don't need it.


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