Health Unlocked App released for UK iPhone users

Health Unlocked App released for UK iPhone users

HealthUnlocked has officially released their iPhone app for the UK.

App store link:

Note that if you currently access HealthUnlocked via your iPhone/iPad browser, then you may find the features of that more adequate than the iPhone app, which doesn't support Pinned Post or Topics.


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  • Been using the beta version since last summer and now migrated to the new generally available version.

    In addition to not supporting pinned posts it is not possible to go back and edit your posts - so be warned, you need to get your speeling right (that was deliberate :-) ).

    You can also get a message popped onto your phone when an update is added or someone likes something you wrote.

    I like the app and use it for most interactions. Once the two items mentioned are added I'll have no need to use a browser any more for HU.

    Best, rob

  • Is this app or similar available in the USA as well?

  • Not yet in the US or Canada... just the UK...

    I had the beta on for a few days, but deleted it... might be a bit better, but I saw no real advantage, since I can't spell even on a good day!!


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