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Is there a "Health Diary" app?

Hey, O Fonts Of All Wisdom:

I wonder if anyone can help. My consultant has advised me to keep a Health Diary, tracking my tiredness, nausea and spleen pain (they're desperate to take it out, but I'm resisting). I have looked on iTunes, and the closest I've found is actually an app for Fibromyalgia sufferers, called CatchMy Pain. It's good, but only monitors one thing: pain.

Has anyone found anything better or more useful for tracking more than one thing? Or do I have to use "tree-ware" (paper and pen)....



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There is an iPhone app, symple-symtom-tracker that is available from iTunes in USA but not uk. Can track both symptoms and factors that might influence the symptoms. This might be useful but have not tried it myself.

Can use a spreadsheet to customise your needs but more effort to generate the graphics that often tell the story better/quicker..

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Thanks, Myrddin. Useful stuff - I'll scout around iTunes UK and see. If I find anything decent I'll report back here for all of us.


You can switch to the US site to download if you decide it is for you. Not sure why it is not available in uk when claims available in 83 countries. Hope you find something helpful. Often good to record symptoms but needs to be easy so recording does not make you feel worse!!


There is an App done by the Lymphoma Research Foundation in the U.S., that some CLL patients are using... it has tracking of symptoms, blood work etc...

After all, CLL is a lymphoma... might be worth looking at....

Focus On Lymphoma by Lymphoma Research Foundation


I was given a diary to complete by my hospital. It's daily, and records the date; the fact that medication has been taken correctly and at the right time of day; and any side effects (including nausea, pain, infections, headaches etc). I hand mine in every month. You might design yourself a simple grid on the PC?


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