And wow again

The doctor was a young trainer with one of the older doctors observing.

He has a beautiful manner and did a thorough check up, in fact I was in there 15 mins.

I have a lump in my right groin which I found about 3 week ago and he is mentioning that in my referral letter.

I feel relieved and you were all there with me, how lucky am I.

Just wait now and hope he takes me on board.

I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I couldn't have done it without you.

Thankyou for taking time out to advice. I appreciate each and every one of you


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  • Brilliant news Jan! Good for you tackling things and so pleased the support on here helped you.

    Hope all turns out well with the referral. Best wishes,


  • Thankyou Newdawn

    The support is fantastic on here and I can't thank you all enough


  • So glad it went well, Jan. :-) I was thinking of you this morning.

    wishing you well,


  • Thankyou Paula

    Really kind of you

    Wishing you well too

  • Really good news Jan. What a confidence boost for you.Shouldn't be too long For your referal appointment.

    Best wishes sue.

    Ps was it a bit crowded!

  • Great news jan, and thank you for letting us know ... I'm smiling with you.


  • I'm smiling too

    You are all amazing

    So happy to be part of this community


  • A real confidence boost

    But each and everyone of you have me the biggest boost I have felt for a long time

    Lol, yeah the waiting room was packed with the troops

    Take care and thankyou

  • Jan1780, good news, pleased for you. Keep us posted


  • Will do Marc


  • Good for you! I'm so glad it went well. I'll be watching for the next Wow.

  • I will definatly report in with the next episode

    Hopefully it won't be too long

    WOW for everyone's fabulous support


  • Keeping fingers crossed that he takes you on board too. Good luck!

  • Fingers tightly crossed


  • So pleased. It makes all the difference just to be taken seriously doesn't it. 15 minutes of their time when we need it most can save immeasurable amounts of worrying.

    It's lovely to know we have the support of the group. Sometimes all we need is an ear.


  • Thankyou Peggy

    You are so right, he even looked me in the eyes, so refreshing.

    But most of all

    This group is sooo amazing

    If I win the lotto, I will treat you all☺

    Can't thank everyone enough

    Have a nice evening Peggy

  • Well done you! There are lovely teams out there and together we will get there. Wow feel a bit of 'we shall overcome coming on...' all the best

  • So very pleased that you found someone you could talk to and who empathised, it makes such a difference.

    I went for my 6 monthly check this morning and was so pleased that I didn't see the same doctor I saw last time. The young lady I saw today, like your doc, was interested, took time to answer my questions and explained my test results fully.

    Test result had not changed much, no further lymph nodes were found so another 6 monthly appointment planned.


  • Makes so much difference in our well being when the doctor just gives us that respect.

    I am pleased that your experience was so much better than your last visit. We are all having a bit of luck come out way😊

    Pleased that everything has gone well with you too, none of us would be here by choice but at least we have each other.

    Great group and marvellous support

    Best wishes

    Appreciate your reply


  • Jan, the young associate that I saw at my first visit with Dr. Weirda at MDA was fabulous and so compassionate as well. He took so much time with me and I appreciated that so much. Thanks for sharing your visit with us. Keep on keeping on!

  • It does make so much difference when you have a doctor with empathy and it is appreciated so why do we have to deal with some doctors who are so rude.

    I think we have enough to deal with.

    I am so happy I approached the group, my confidence and well being has improved considerably.

    I will keep on keeping on and you too

    Appreciate your reply

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