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UTIs could soon be life-threatening without new antibiotics

UTIs could soon be life-threatening without new antibiotics

For the first time, the World Health Organization has named which bacteria we most urgently need new antibiotics to fight, as they become increasingly resistant to the ones we’ve already got. Top of the list are gut bacteria such as Escherichia coli – a deadly threat in hospitals, but also the leading cause of urinary tract infections, which affect an estimated 250 million people a year, most of them women.


The colistin resistance that could make UTIs untreatable is thought to have arisen as a result of using large amounts of the drug as a growth promoter in livestock.

New Scientist (you may need to register (free) to read this article):


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Now, I am about to link to a tweet on Twitter.. Not the most useful type of link, with some variable associated Twitter responses, but the key thing here is that in the 1930s it was already recognised that a ketogenic diet could rapidly resolve UTIs..

This, more than most of the other reasons (ketogenic diet is an interesting topic, up to a point) is what will see me ready to go ketogenic (LCHF: low carbohydrates, high fat intake.. ) at any time. UTI's were lingering low level with me, untreated, through the first 6-9 months of diagnosis, then a kidney infection a month or two ago.. We CLL'ers cannot take chances with infections..


"Ketogenic diet can cure urinary tract infections and was used in a prominent hospital in the pre-antibiotic era. Beta hydroxy butyrate is the active antibacterial substance."

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