How many cancers can I get?

Hello!! I got diagnosed 6 months ago and doing wait and watch. I got refeared to an ENT because they think I have sleep apnea. He had my neck ultrasound . I've got 3 large lymph nodes which you can't feel cos I'm chubby and......a tumour on my thyroid which they have now biopsies and are expecting to be malignant. Am I supposed to ask for a full body scan? Just how many different cancers can a girl get??!!! Really worried.

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  • I would ask for scan, best to know whole situation then how to treat them. Chin up!


  • Thank you ! X

  • Don't make the mistake of assuming you have multiple cancers when the most likely explanation is just swollen lymph nodes. We have hundreds of them and any of them can swell with CLL. While we are at higher risk of some secondary cancers, it's not unusual for swollen lymph nodes to be mistaken as other tumours.

    Consider seeing a CLL specialist if you are just going to a general oncologist.


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  • I'm glad you're getting it checked out. I had a thyroid cancer scare a few months after diagnosis. Fortunatly it was benign, but it's best to check it. I do have trouble with lots of nonmelanoma skin cancers which can come with the CLL territory, but I also lived in the southern US most of my life and sun damage is just as likely a cause. I like AussieNeil's caution to pay attention and find a CLL specialist.

    I'm learning that not everything is CLL related, but that doesn't always help. I feel like I've aged a decade in the last year. Best wishes for your journey.

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  • Why would the ENT doctor expect you to have thyroid cancer? Even with a biopsy it is still difficult to diagnose and there are false positives. I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the same time I was diagnosed with CLL. After the biopsy the ENT doctor said I had a 55 to 75% probability of thyroid cancer (papillary). In my case I really had papillary cancer. However, I know people who had their thyroid removed and it turned out benign. A good example was the former president of Argentina. Also remember that the cause of thyroid cancer is radiation exposure. It is also the easiest to treat.

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  • I concur with AussieNeil. You have been thru a lot in six months. Try not to get ahead of the situation just work with your doctor and maybe a CLL specialist if u need to switch to stay on top of what needs attention. It's hard not to be worried but worrying doesn't solve any problems and it can drain your strength. Will say a prayer for you.

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  • I also have a cyst on my thyroid, benign cysts are very common on thyroids, I hope you will be fine and it's not cancer :) it could even be related to CLL , enlarged lymphnode

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