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New year greetings

Happy New Year to all. While some may struggle more than others with health this year at least we can be happy that we live in 2017 when we can reach out to each other thru this group and ask questions and find support and understanding. 20 years ago when my Dad had cancer I could read a lot on the internet but there were no groups and so much less knowledge and fewer treatments.

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Happy New Year ap64, and I quite agree. My GP has limited information available, although gives great support at times when my immune system doesn't behave itself and is very emphathetic. But to have a group with such a wealth of information is amazing - all the very best for 2017 and all it has in store for us :)


Happy New Year ap64!!

I can not imagine what my emotional state would be without this group.

If the right moment ever presents itself, I hope to suggest to my husband's specialist that he offer this site to newly diagnosed patients.

All the very best for 2017!


I am going to do the same when I see my heme this year. I asked him if he knew of any groups in Ottawa I could belong to and he didn't. I would not want to have to truck out at night to meetings. I love the international flavor of this group and to relate to what and whom I please. For some reason I believe this is more upbeat. We can share without getting down.


I'm going to send you a direct message!


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