I wonder if anyone is aware of a connection between G6PD deficiency and CLL. I have not been tested for G6PD but my kids were, and found positive. I personally have taken aspirin and quinine, and eaten fava beans. I was diagnosed with CLL 5 years ago. I am curious whether other members of this group have the deficiency (you may not be aware of it) and whether there is a correlation.


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3 Replies

  • For those who do not know what this is, here is a quick overview...


    I have never seen any connection with CLL, as far as I know it is hereditary...

  • Thanks. I have never heard of it until this post. Sally

  • Had to look this up and other than both cll and G6pd can cause anaemia there did not appear to be any link. As parent, it says you would be a carrier without symptoms, but pass it to the children.

    Knowing what to avoid I sincerely hope it does not impact too badly on the quality of life of the children.

    Best wishes to you and your children.


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