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Can anyone help me. I've just started first round of FCR. It went well for first two days but now I'm literally as sick as a dog. Have phoned nhs 24 and my husband is now going to pick up a prescription. Don't even know what it is for. Did any medication prove effective for anyone else? Any recommendations. Feel so sick don't think I could put one more tablet in my mouth.

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  • If you phoned the unit giving you treatment they should advise as they should have given anti sickness meds when you left after first treatment.

    I was givenMetoclopramide Hydrochloride

  • I was given anti sickness drugs along with my Fludarabine and Cyclophosphamide.

    Just checked my records and I got Metoclopramide and Ondansetron.

    From memory I was told to take the Ondasetron proactively and top up with the other only if the Ondansetron did not manage the nausea. I managed with just the Ondansetron, in fact I started reducing it in the second cycle and ended up only taking it on the days I took the Cyclohphosphamide and Fludarabine, plus a couple extra.

    Sorry, I might have had more info as I had a spreadsheet with all this in but can't seem to find it currently.


    PS: Kenn123, thank you for asking about this, in looking back through my files to find the answer I found all the inserts from all the packets of drugs I kept back in 2012. Time for a tidy out!

  • I was the same taking Ondansetron and only using the other when required.

    Why don't the have a UKstandard treatent pland

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  • Understand your pain. I had 2 admissions to A&E fir sickness. If you can't control it , get in for iv anti sickness. Drink plenty too even if you throw it up.

    Make sure you mention to your consultant. . I now have an anti sickness called APREPITANT which I take for the 3 days of chemo.. an hour before taking the tablets. I still felt nauseous BUT I wasn't sick. It's expensive but push for it or a review of your meds.

    So sorry you feel like this.

    Remember..No pain no gain.

    Good luck x

  • I was really quite sick through most of my treatment from first cycle Metoclopramide alone didn't do it for me. Then got Ondansetron which I took with Metoclopramide. This was better but nausea was still a problem making me quite unwell days 3-5 I got one other can't remember the name which improved it further. To be honest I think my nausea got worse as I started to worry I wouldn't be able to keep my chemo tablets down.

    Contact the unit if it doesn't improve. They will keep going till they find something.

    My thoughts are with you. My sick days were my lowest points.

    Don't be brave, use the phone numbers you have been given by your haematology unit.

  • The best medication overall is Zofran. It can be placed under the tongue if needed. If you can't take anything orally a phenergan suppository is very useful but may cause a lot of sedation. As always, check with your doctor

  • I like others was given Ondansetron from day 1 of the treatment cycle till 2 days after the last chemo pill. First cycle they got the dose wrong and I felt very sick starting day 3 to 5. Dosage was increased and only slight nausia on days 3 to 5. So it's all about telling the clinic what you are going through because life should be totally bearable during treatent. Most of us complain about tiredness and lack of appetite on day 3 but nausia is totally something that can be resolved if the clinic knows a.s.a.p.

  • Hope by now you are feeling better kenn123. Take the anti sickness regularly and whether you feel you need them or not. Keep drinking lots of water as much as you can, this will also help but the main reason for the water is it flushes through the body and in particular the kidneys. Very important. This horrid side effect usually passes after a few days but if you feel you are getting dehydrated seek medical help asap. If one medicine dosent help there are always others that can be prescribed for you. As always let your doctors know, they can help you.

    My best wishes.


  • I am soooo sorry you're going through this!

    Please ask what antiemetic they're giving you at infusion and ask how long it is supposed to last (and write it down).

    Are you able to request any of the 24 hour or 48 hour anti-nausea drugs at infusion? If you felt okay for a couple days, that's probably what you received.

    The important thing is to take the anitnausea (antiemetic) BEFORE the nausea hits you or it's too late to swallow anything. That's what they mean when they say you have to 'stay ahead of it'. Sublingual ondansetron can help here, since it melts under the tongue and you don't have to swallow. It lasts 8 hours, so take the next one within 7 hours.

    These drugs saved me:

    - Kytril (aka granisetron) works for 24 hours (I got this one on day one)

    - Aloxi (aka palondansetron) works for 48 hours (I got this, combined with Emend on day two

    - Emend (aka Aprepitant) works for 24 hours

    - Zofran (aka Ondansetron) only lasts 8 hours

    All of them can cause constipation, which you also have to stay ahead of with stool softeners and plenty of water.

    One last point, it's common to be prescribed a few different antiemetics, one of which may be Lorazepam (generic Ativan). In my experience, it had zero effect on chemo-induced nausea.

    Hang in there!!!

  • Hi. Sorry to hear your suffering I have also been given Metroclopramide.

  • Hi, and I too am so sorry you are feeling so sick. I am in US so all chemo is IV for 3-4 days. I was told to drink at least 32 oz of water a day starting on the first day. I had IV anti-nausea meds for the first 4 days then took Ondansetron every twelve hours for the next 4 days. I lost my appetite but fortunately never got serious nausea- I ate small amounts of bland foods. Try taking the meds and drink water. Feeling nauseous was probably my number one fear of chemo but I made it through 6 rounds of FCR. I hope you feel better soon.

  • My commiserations. I am about to start cycle 6 and each cycle has been plagued with nausea during the first week or so. For me the most effective anti-nausea medication is something called Zorphren. However, as my haematologist pointed out, everyone is different.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    All best,


  • my sister found this worked better than her meds for her chemo nausea: please try the wrist anti-nausea pressure points. Mayo clinic approved, no other side effects.

    press or massage yourself or have someone else do it. either wrist, or both: two or three finger widths up the wrist from the "heel" of the hand, between the tendons. lots of videos and images out there, e.g.

    you can also get soft bracelets to press on them, e.g. Sea Bands sold as anti-motion sickness bracelets in our pharmacy. my husband and daughter successfully used those in hawaii for motion nausea on the roads and on the boats.

    hope you are through with this soon!

  • Sorry to hear about the nausea and sickness that you are having to go through.

    The best thing I found, during my 6 rounds of FCR, was taking the nausea medications, as others have pointed, out before you get the chemo. I remember taking it the day before chemo and before the nausea hits you like a Mac truck. I would still feel ill 3 to 5 days after chemo and about for 5 or so more days in a row but it was just flu-like feelings and tiredness not the nausea. The 3rd round of FCR, I forgot the nausea medication and that was the absolute worst round for me and I never forgot the anti-nausea medication again.

  • Thank you all for your support. I was indeed extremely ill so much so I couldn't even lie down to sleep. It was unbearable. I was taking anti sickness drug metroclopramide as prescribed but I was a mess. I phoned the emergency number but it rang out. Apparently battery had run low. Nhs 24 provided a prescription for Ondansetron but no pharmacy was open on a Saturday night. By Sunday morning I was desperate and a doctor came to inject me with something. Ondansetron didn't help. A very kind pharmacist from the hospital prescribed prochlorperazine to be placed on gum and a lorazepam to dissolve under tongue at bedtime which have really helped but maybe it's because I'm not taking the chemotherapy drugs?

    I am not usually a fearful person but even the sight of a pill makes me want to be sick. The kind pharmacist has provided liquid versions of antibiotics and allopurinol which is helping with my new found phobia.

    Anyway I am going to wash my hair for first time in a week, seven pounds lighter and nodes nearly gone. Have an appointment with my haematologist next week and there is no way in hell am I going into round 2 without a plan.

  • Kenn123, sorry to hear it ended up so bad, hopefully you are through it now with the pharmacists help. I think you are right to get a plan together and clear in your mind before starting. I think it has been said but taking the anti-sickness drugs should be done straight away, not waiting to feel sick. I took one type but had second type as backup if it didn't work.

    Best wishes for next round, rob

  • I'm so sorry you've had such an awful time. I was prescribed a single tablet called Akynzeo to take before chemo on day 1 for round 3. It lasts for 5 days. Unbelievable difference. I took others from day 4 to cover in prep for when this wore off.

    I was so sick before this.

    Wishing you so much luck going forward.


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