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Meeting in New Jersey on Oct 6th?


If just one more person signs up, I will be in New Jersey Oct 6th for a CLL meeting if you want to meet in person. I will be talking about support groups and helping the local community to launch one if the interest is there. The details are here: cllsociety.org/docs/BCO_LPO...

It would great to actual see in real life some of my new and long time CLL friends from that area if the date and time works.

Stay strong


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Hi Brian, I attended the one in Framingham, MA and it was very good. Looking forward to having a support group in Boston.


Judyanne, Thanks, Bruce said he was very impressed with the attendees in Boston. We are very interested in getting a group going. Did you give Bruce your email? Please contact me a bkoffman@CLLSociety.org about your thoughts about a group. Would you be interested in being trained as a facilitator? Do you have an idea where we might meet? Let's chat. Brian


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