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Great meeting EU Cllers in Cambridge


I was honored to be a part of the CLL Support Association's event in Cambridge today. Thanks to so many people who said hello and all the best to them!

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Hi Andrew, Many thanks for coming. It was great to meet you. Best wishes


Hi Andrew

Thanks for posting an early shot from the European CLL workshop on Friday. Photographs from the event photographer for both the European meeting and the Saturday members meeting will come available after the weekend . It was great to work with so many committed partners and European friends during the weekend and to meet and spend so much time with so many CLLSA friends on Saturday.

Thank you to everyone for travelling so far and contributing so much together during the meetings The level of commitment and willing shown by all to ensure we continue to work together to improve outcomes for our community made me feel proud and honored to be a part of all this..

I am looking forward to all our efforts together producing fruit and to providing everyone news of developments from both Friday and Saturday and projects that will deliver so much new and current educational material created during the weekend

the event photographer and many are still on route home, Andrew enjoy the remainder of your flight to the US , We have just arrived back in Wales and are off to collect Thor .

Will be on the Case in the Morning.

I Look forward to posting Tommorow.

Thanks everyone, for making the weekend such a success.

Best wishes



Hi Hairbear,

Any news of meetings in Scotland in the near future.


HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to olyocl

Hi Olive the next CLLSA members meeting is in set up for Scotland and is in Glasgow and will be Monday 22nd September my Colleague Derek is visiting Glasgow next week to confirm the venue is appropriate before we can release details to members.

Book it in your diaries , will post more after next week, hope you can make it..

On the topic of Scotland may I take this opportunity to reach out to anyone in Scotland who may be interested in joining me for a focus group meeting in St Andrew's on Tuesday July 1st?? When we will have the opportunity to give a brief outline talk to share living with CLL and challenges ,experiences etc??

Anyone interested in joining me can personal message me for more information and to discuss specifics travel etc.

many thanks


olyocl in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

Thanks Nick, The sooner I know the better as I will have to book a hotel for 2 nights, but I would definitely like to attend.


johnpollard37 in reply to olyocl

Any news of such meetings in Wales?

HAIRBEAR_UKAdministrator in reply to johnpollard37

Hi John

We had a members meeting in Cardiff early last year. I am hoping we can discuss revisiting next year some time. I hope so as I also live in Wales.

We could all get together before then if we tried to connect ourselves and form a local group?

Anyone want to lead on developing that thought?


It was mentioned during the Cambridge meeting that the next meeting is planned for Scotland. I'll let Hairbear respond with the correct details appropriately as I foolishly didn't take note of the date.


Following Nick's comment I on the photo I now understand. I thought I'd nodded off during one of the sessions Saturday and totally missed a speaker!!

olyocl in reply to Oleboyredw-uk

Thanks Rob, I have never been to any meetings, Olive

I was happy to meet Andrew and Nick and people from other countries at the workshops and the meeting.

Both of you and many volunteers did a wonderful job and a great effort.

I'm grateful to be part of all this.

Nicole from Belgium.

So sorry I didn't get there as I was too tired. Is there a report on discussions .

Yes there will be many video segments for you to view. Feel better!

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